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5 tips to prepare for the heating season

The end of summer is the best time for maintenance and minor improvement of the heating system in your house or apartment. With a well-oiled and tuned heating during the winter because you can save a considerable amount on energy. In cooperation with experts, we have prepared some tips on what maintenance heating sure not to forget.

Check the condition of the boiler

Whether awash with gas or solid fuels, before the heating season, you should carefully check the boiler. Pay attention to how the boiler itself, as well as flue and possibly malfunctioning of feeding mechanism. Especially in the case of gas boilers, it would have had them checked annually by an authorized service center. "Modern condensing boilers are very efficient, but relatively complex technical equipment. Every year it is therefore inspect inspection techniques, which also checks the status of the burner, heat exchanger, sealing the combustion chamber and the flue gas and the need for proper adjustment as required by the boiler manufacturer. By controlling the specialist you can be sure that the boiler will operate in winter economically and safely. She also greatly extend its life, "said Roman Švantner, product manager ENBRA, which specializes in building equipment and sales and service of heating equipment.

Do you have a solid fuel boiler? Beware of chimney

If you use solid fuels, you should pay attention not only to the boiler itself, but also the condition of the chimney. A clogged chimney because it may be unsafe fire, during which the system will ignite in the chimney deposition of solid combustion residues. Temperature of the fire in a fire in the chimney flue can reach up to 1200 ° C, and very often when the accident occurs to the destruction of roofs and roof of the house. The solution is a good technical condition of the chimney system and periodic inspections by qualified chimney sweep. It also cleans clogged chimney and recommend any repairs.

Check also deserve radiators

While boilers people usually give adequate care, radiators on the other hand often neglected. Before the start of the heating season is an ideal time while their maintenance. Therefore carefully inspect and treat any minor corrosion sites. Also check the operation of the valves and replace the defective pieces. Just before the start of the heating season all bleed the radiators. I radiators can contribute to savings for heating. On the wall behind them install reflective foil which will better reflect the heat into the room, and if possible, consider painting a dark color. Somewhat more radical ways to save can then be Replacing old radiators with new ones that work with lower temperature heating water.

Too old gas appliances - a black hole for money

The development of boilers and gas water heaters is still moving forward. For example, a few years ago almost unknown condensing boilers are now common and are the most efficient gas heating option. "By upgrading the heating in the house, of course, you save a lot on the actual operation. For example, condensing boiler is older compared to conventional gas boiler fuel efficient by up to 40% per year and can save regular amounts for household heating to thousands crowns. Old gas water heaters in addition are dangerous and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, "describes the benefits of modern gas appliances Roman Švantner, product manager ENBRA, which specializes in building equipment and sales and service of heating equipment.

Consider upgrading the control system, the thermostat may know far more

Big savings potential also provides quality control heating system. Now is therefore the time for its modernization. You can replace the old thermostat for advanced control unit that allows you to set up a stable and comfortable day and night temperature. Saving energy also provide heating control, ie control of the system based on the outside air temperature. The convenience of the residents and contributing possibility of boiler control via mobile phone or internet. Remotely to ensure optimum temperature in the household before the arrival of such work.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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