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As with bowel disease to enjoy a summer barbecue

With the warm weather with invitations to barbecues, picnics and various meetings just flock. For most people it is a cause for joy, but patients with inflammatory bowel disease is unfortunately not - those are the invitation rather a source of stress. Often, however unnecessary.

To go or not to go?

The first idea how to prevent such stress may be a simple rejection similar invitation. Especially if the event takes place such as a park or elsewhere are poorly accessible toilets. In patients with active inflammation is not an exception, it must "ONU room" even ten times a day - and few would at that moment would be far from comfortable toilets. However, if the person is in remission (the disease is not active), there is no reason not to participate in such actions. Even so, the following applies:
prepare for an emergency situation,
take home everything you need,
clear about where the nearest toilets,
but especially to stay calm.

Simpler decision before them some who are invited to the party to someone's house. Just Host alert to unexpected situations that may occur, but there is no reason to inflammatory bowel disease concerned in preventing contact with family or friends.

What you can try

Types of food can be very diverse and depends mainly on the type of action and the environment in which it takes place. We offer a list of selected dishes that you may encounter during grilling, along with a possible impact on your disease.
Beans. It is known that beans cause bloating and it would for your illness may not be the best. But surely everyone knows the amount that he does not make these problems, there is no reason beans from your diet completely ostracized.
Salad. For someone with inflammatory bowel disease may also cause bloating or pain, but again it's about weight - if not overdo it, give it certainly can.
Hamburgers. This is surprisingly one of the dishes that you will not spoil during grilling life. Risks may be seeds on a bun, because it is difficult to digest, but it is not a problem to find bread without them.
Hotdog. If you already have some experience of the past, a reasonable amount should not matter. If in any doubt, but rather let something else.
Fruit salad. Certain fruits are easier to digest (watermelon, banana, etc.) and other less well (apples, grapes, oranges). It depends on your experience with berries.
Chicken. Most important in determining the type and method of preparing chicken. Fried food is better arc avoided because it is not good for your digestive tract. On the contrary, grilled chicken should not cause major difficulties and even better you will be giving up if any barbecue sauces.
Maize.'s Very difficult to digest, so unless your illness is in remission, I prefer to put it.
Beer and wine. Beer will probably cause flatulence and wine, you should be sure that you are after him well, and drink it more. Either way, the water is likely to be the number one choice in terms of patient with diseased bowel.

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