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The first days of the Mekong in the herd

Male elephant Mekong successfully connected to the females. The process of its integration into the herd will continue in the coming days. Notable situations can also be monitored via internet transfer.

"The first moments of the Mekong between female elephants were extremely interesting. Familiarizing accompanied by horns, running around and all that a similar situation with elephants belong. Today the situation is much calmer, but observers still offers a remarkable spectacle, "says curator Pavel Brandl breeding mammals.

The inclusion of males in the group of breeders decided for socialization and welfare Mekong and start the reproductive cycle of young Sri Lankan female elephants.

Mekong according to Brandl continuously engaged in herds consisting of Donna, Tony, sieve and Sri Lankan Tamara and Janita. Although the first day only pays attention to them, now they are also indulges his normal daily activities.

"When some of the females during feeding approach at the wrong time, does not hesitate to push her ​​away. The first day, while almost cared about anything other than new roommate, "says

Interesting is primarily the development of relations between the Mekong and young females. While Janita immediately showed that he knows how to behave in his presence, by Tonya we can observe a certain inexperience.

Mekong will not, if possible, in the group take turns with Gulab and Shanti. Shanti was the presence of males during the first connection uneasy, so it along with Gulab breeders due to the ease in the group separated. However, they will offer the opportunity to rejoin the group.

Events in the Valley of elephants can be monitored on the Internet. Direct transmission can be found at / udolislonu .

Source: tz Zoo Praha,
Photo to tz: Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha

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