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By car on holiday? Beware of theft!

Go on vacation with own car offers even during the extremely low price travel agent wide range of benefits. It's all about maintaining freedom of unlimited travel. But to go away to distant regions entails many risks.

It is important to realize that when you exit to the far corners of the planet remain to deal with any complications more or less alone. Sure, supplemental insurance mobility help in accidents or failures of various kinds, but the driver on long trips because there are many other dangers. Most of them concerns the various ways of theft and other outside interference. But the good news is that because most of them can effectively defend. It does not have to be complicated. "Great attention should be paid mainly places where their car parks. The car should always become either a well-secured, or at least busy place, "explained James Proud, CEO of e-shop Get tires.

The daily operations are used to frivolity with which many of our drivers to use their cars approach. It is a whole set of elements from the neglect of appearance and the technical condition of the car to ensure the car against theft. On holidays distraction for drivers is even greater. Even in hot weather, but need to keep a cool head. You do not have to remember a dream holiday for worse, be cautious. Navigation, phones or tablets are enclosed in boxes in the bowels of the car after locking your car not even for a moment find themselves on the outside visible place. When the tailgate is overloaded with cargo, it is necessary to override such as a blanket.

"The car must always be carefully locked and secured against intrusion or theft. The problem, however, the holidays become stolen parts, "said Jakub proud of the online store Get tires. For frequent patterns in the head with a Skoda Octavia is increasingly disappearing components including lamps and body parts that are smart Highwaymen able to remove the remarkably short time. "We are also valuable commodity alloy wheels. Therefore, we recommend investing a few hundred crowns to lock nuts or bolts. On each of the wheels just have one of those elements for which authorization is necessary to have a proper key or 'spacer' inserted between the segment and key, "he added proudly.

If the holiday was stolen around your car, you must immediately report it to the insurance company. It will require first of all record that you reported the theft of local police, and a resolution on the conclusion of the investigation the police. "Insurer based on incoming raw materials and require original documents from the vehicle registration certificate and certificate of roadworthiness including keys from the vehicle. According to our statistics, there is a theft of vehicles most often in the Slovak Republic and Poland, "said Peter Červinek, product manager at Triglav Insurance Company.

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