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320 reasons to quit smoking

When lighting the cigarette smokers think mainly the benefits that they bring their bad habit - to relieve stress, take a break at work or a pleasant end of a long day. Few of them think about the chemicals that influence each puff themselves in their bodies.

However, it is the whole cocktail of toxins and carcinogens that affect everything from blood pressure to the immune system ..

70 kinds of carcinogens

Cigarettes contain all kinds of toxic substances: carcinogens, heavy metals - arsenic and cadmium, radioactive metals, poisons.

While Carcinogens are substances that cause cancer. Their effect is not immediately apparent, but the long-term consumption is put away and after a few "quiet" years, then they can strike. In cigarette smoke carcinogens is located about 70 species.

Among the most aggressive include:
Benzene - usually located in the fuel and pesticides;
formaldehyde - irritating to eyes, nose and throat smokers;
TSNAs - N-nitrosamines specific to tobacco are carcinogenic substance present in both cigarettes and all "smokeless" tobacco products (chewing tobacco, etc.);
vinyl chloride - chemicals from cigarette filter.

Toxic metals

The heavy metal cadmium is also a carcinogen. It is dangerous for their ability accumulation in the body. Cadmium is removed only very slowly and accumulates mainly in the liver and kidneys. Prolonged exposure to its effects often causes cancer of prostate and kidney. Arsenic is in its metallic form non-toxic, but once it gets into the body, it is converted to a toxic substance that in large amounts causes vomiting, convulsions, or paralysis.

Poison is more than 250

Smoking inhale and substances that cause severe disability or death. The smoke of the 250th We must not forget that nicotine is a poison. It not only creates dependence, its effects are also to be used insecticide. The taste of cigarettes, smoke structure and "drug" effect are improved even further poison, ammonia. Cigarettes are also the source of hydrogenkyanidu - it was during the Second World War used in the gas chambers. If we add to these poisons seventy aforementioned carcinogens contained in cigarettes, resulting in over three hundred good reasons why not to light the next one.

Source: Smoking kouření.cz

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