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Olomouc in the Lonely Planet - for the second time!

Olomouc is a small Prague. The ten hot tips Europe, where it is certainly worth a go, the city was ranked the second time professional travelers from the prestigious publisher Lonely Planet.

Beautiful, interesting, attractive, but unlike the town quiet and charming atmosphere. All this, together with a rich night life make Olomouc one of the most exciting destinations in the old continent.

"Size is not everything. Of course, Europe has many destinations known type of London or Amsterdam, but if you expect to travel a bit more, we offer a list of places where you should definitely go. Places that people are not perhaps overlooked, but absolutely wrong, "he said in his article, Andy Murdock, a professional traveler and author of Lonely Planet. Olomouc is a unique destination Moravia, which must be seen with your own eyes. Authentic atmosphere of Moravia had by travelers captures life in the Czech Republic much more cosmopolitan than Prague.

For the first time in Olomouc was in Lonely Planet list last year, with the important feature - a hidden treasure of Europe. This year already but brilliance does not hide our treasure and the authors reveal many reason to Olomouc definitely come. Attract example, the nightlife and atmosphere darkened winding streets, which is in the center of Olomouc Baroque find more than enough. "Being part of the Top Ten is obviously a huge success. Not only that, we were able to confirm last year's placement on the list of recommended destinations, but still prove that Olomouc is presented as one of the key reasons why, in competition with other European targets go into our region, "rejoices in the list of participating Deputy Mayor Jan Holpuch, who is in charge of, among others, culture and tourism development.

The whole Olomouc and Moravia is that this time found themselves in the company of nine other European sites that are worth a visit when traveling from waiting for "something more".
Top 10 European destinations for 2013 by Lonely Planet looks just like this:
Porto & the Douro Valley
Budapest, Hungary
North Island
Cinque Terre, Italy
Moravia, Czech Republic
Bern, Switzerland
Marseille, France
Copenhagen, Denmark

"Of course, we can hardly compete with mass attendance type capitals Paris or Rome, thinking it would be foolish. But I think it's more of an asset than a handicap Olomouc. Therefore, further mention in Lonely Planet we appreciate and certainly will use it to its promotion. Olomouc is still beautiful, with not agree more, "says Deputy Holpuch with a smile.

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