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Swimming has heart likes

Swimming is considered to be the best form of exercise. Do activities during that involves large muscle groups of shoulders, back, arms, legs and chest.

Rhythmic activity of these muscles need oxygen and nutrients to the stressed areas. This forces the heart , lungs and circulatory system to the higher activity. Swimming effectively helps increase fitness.

Water versatility

Swimming or exercising in water due to buoyancy water reduces pressure on the joints. When moving in water not to shake, body movements are smooth. This makes the water activity suitable for rehabilitation after injury, for overweight patients or pregnant.

In addition to buoyancy but the water also acts against the body swimmers. Due to this resistance is to strengthen all the muscles involved in the movement, just as you would lifting weights in the gym. Swimming is thus a combination of exercises to strengthen muscular endurance and aerobic training to enhance cardiovascular endurance.

Lower heart rate and breathing better

Hydrostatic pressure and buoyancy effects on blood circulation swimmers. While swimming decreases heart rate and deepens breathing . I exercise at high heart rates are lower than a comparable burden on the bike or running.

According to some statistics, swimming reduces the risk of sudden death by up to 50 percent more than running, walking, or even a sedentary lifestyle. Regular swimmers exhibit higher cardiovascular fitness than those dedicated to regular walking.

Swimming is beneficial not only the body but also the spirit. Staying in the water reduces fatigue and creates an overall psychological well-being.

Crawl or breaststroke?

The most efficient swimming style to enhance the condition of the crawl. Most swimmers use breaststroke. When it is applied but more resistive force of the water environment. Butterfly is the most difficult of all swimming strokes, and is therefore restricted to experienced swimmers.

Crawl can burn as much calories as when jogging - 70kilový person consumes hour swim more than 500 calories. The actual stay in the water causes heat, thus increasing energy expenditure and an overall increase in metabolism. Unlike run but persist higher metabolic activity after exercise.

The joy of movement

No matter what style you choose. However, if you want to swim showed positive effects as soon as possible, you have to pay him regularly. Recommended frequency of visits to the swimming pool is approximately 2 to 3 times a week. After a short time, you start to see themselves the main advantages of water sports:
hydrostatic water pressure positively affects the efficiency of the heart, blood circulation and respiration,
increased thermal conductivity of the water environment accelerates metabolism,
aquatic environment has almost no negative effect on the musculoskeletal system,
Swimming positive emotional effect on the human psyche overloaded.


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