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Best sports trends on vacation

Best sports trends on vacation Were you able to lose weight in swimsuits and certainly do not intend to pick up a pound back? Tired of eternal vylehávání on the beach and want to tan in motion? Tired of browsing monuments that you feel good enough only for swollen feet and a headache? Whatever your reason for any active holiday, definitely worth it to go. Not only for her to be bored, but mostly you'll look great.

It's lighter than at home

On the sport is more time - start early and continuously alternate between rest and activity.
You can schedule it effectively - treat yourself before and after a long stretch in which you do not feel like at home, set off for regeneration or on-site massage in the pool and then treat yourself to a well deserved bikini on a sun lounger.

Carefully inspect the new environment - the ideal is to bike or in-line skates. If you are traveling to the sea, I'm sure you will soon discover that most beaches are not suitable for sunbathing and promenádování, but also to the sport. Often you can bike or skate your way around the coast of the city and its surroundings.

Partner motivation - the vast majority of men all day in one place, in fact, in one position, and will not last on the couch bored. It is more than likely that your man will take the decision to leave the body, is pleased to support it.

Holidays - ideal time for experiments

Someone goes tasting new dishes, another for shopping, you can take advantage of holidays to explore your physical limits. If you are accustomed to at home every day to run around, shake off the early morning along the coast. Fresh air and beautiful surroundings will motivate you to perform better. Runs up the stairs a few times, add sit-ups in the sand and finally have a few clicks on the bench. At least you will not have such qualms rich buffet breakfast and a la "eat whatever you want."

If you normally bothers chlorine water in a cold pool, now you have the perfect opportunity to swim in a healthy environment of sea water. You do not have to stay just above the surface. Get your flippers and snorkel and dive around. While in the water you will see a maximum of algae and a few tiny fish, underwater silence engulf you, you suddenly forget about the outside world and you will not even feel it while you burn a lot of calories and strengthens the body differently than you normally would.

Caution harm

Think of the tourists who are just spending all day on the beach and go from there late in the afternoon as the Reds crayfish, only that caught the most sunshine ... Something similar may happen to you if you overdo it with exercise. Not that you now have to burn purple, although it can happen, but more likely you risk injury from fatigue and overload. Therefore, be sure you do not forget to pack and efficient means you can get rid of problems without them having to awkwardly insist on learning the local "pharmacy" and God forbid "in médico" ...

Your first aid kit medical necessity should contain something to soothe tired muscles, tendons and ligaments - such as cooling gel or cream Dolgit. Quickly gets rid of any swelling and inflammatory. Certainly appreciate the plant nausea - be Loseprazol or Ranisan. They relieve painful burning sensation in the chest and acidic mouthfeel. You absolutely should not forget about a universal remedy for pain (head, teeth, back, menstruation) and fever. Try Godasal 500, which at higher doses has anti-inflammatory.

In days spent in the sun is certainly except headwear, sunglasses and sunscreen handy and internal support assistance - in the form of an intensive nutrition supplement that contains all the important antioxidants that strengthen the skin and promote skin regeneration. It is ideal to supplement Selzink Plus, which in addition to the active chemical elements such as selenium and zinc also contains vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene, which also promotes beautiful skin color.

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