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To have the hospitalization abroad caught unawares ...

Summer on us apart from the sun, exotic and unforgettable experiences may encounter an unexpected health complications.

Whether it's a broken leg in a parachute jump, burns Torpedo Fish during diving into the depths of the sea, or diabetes "scattered" eating local delicacies, you can also get you into a situation where it is needed hospitalization abroad.
How can a stay in hospital to look and what to prepare, will reveal the following lines.

Mainly to keep cool

Whether you or your loved ones to leave anything happens, it is especially important not to lose your head. If you see that the situation will not make yourself a travel kit for your problems is not enough, it is always better to seek medical help. And even if the risk of hospitalization. Every traveler should of course stay in foreign hospitals prefer to avoid. Many people think they can manage their way back home and health problems will be solved after returning. Sometimes it may be delayed professional medical help life-threatening.

In most cases, health officials try to solve the problem outpatient basis, providing the necessary treatment, recommended actions, and they will tell you whether it is safe journey home. If, however, a serious problem and the way home would you be risky for any reason, suggest hospitalization.

How to prepare for the journey that you not surprised?

Before traveling, pay attention and prepare for unexpected complications.
Travel health insurance and the necessary documents. Even if you are traveling to EU countries, covers only normal health insurance costs for essential and emergency health care, and it is therefore advisable to arrange and travel insurance. Insurance for a particular country should include reimbursement of medical expenses, repatriation expenses, ie transfer of the patient to the Czech Republic, as well as the transportation of human remains to the Czech Republic.
Contact the insurance company and its helpdesk.
First aid kit with medicines for common path and the equipment according to the country you are traveling in.
Information on conditions in the country can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health ( ).

Emergency numbers in the country (ambulance, fire, police). In the EU, you can call the emergency number 112
Contacts at the Czech Consulate. If a country is Czech office, you may contact the office of another EU country, which are located here.

How to communicate during hospitalization and who to contact?

If you have been hospitalized in a foreign country, you should first contact the assistance service insurance and the Czech office, which will help you to solve any problems that might arise during hospitalization.

If you have a problem with comity with medical personnel, it may be necessary to look for an interpreter to help overcome the language barrier and understand the medical procedure.

Respect the customs of the country and try to induce unnecessary conflicts. Paramedics under these conditions rather come out to meet him.

Who pays the cost of care?

If you no longer hospitalization occurs, ensuring you cover provided health care insurance company at which you arranged health insurance.

But if you are not insured, will be required to pay for medical expenses for you or the persons who accompany you on the road.

Once a patient's condition will be considered for repatriation - transport to the Czech Republic. Deciding to coordinate transportation insurance company or its helpdesk. Any repatriation costs should be met by insurance. If the patient is not insured or the insurance does not cover repatriation, it is necessary to pay the costs hospitalized person or persons nearby.

Author: MD. Hana Králová, expert uLékař

Source: U lékař

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