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At the Bohemian Forest begins the summer season the Blue column

After 70 years of senseless blockade opens in Sumava National Park Luzenským journey through the valley of the traditional border crossing with Bavaria - blue eyes. Lovers of Šumava you this summer at the national park has views of the new towers, emergency nocovišť or cycling.

Absolutely unique in the entire existence of the National Park Sumava and what is more important - absolutely essential especially for lovers of Sumava - that the summer season in the Sumava National Park.

Event No. 1 this summer, will open the border with Bavaria blue eyes. Szezóna Blue column begins in Šumava 15th July. On that day, the traditional route through Luženská valley towards Bavaria open to the public. Even if it's for the protection of nature, especially the rare capercaillie, who lives in a very controlled mode.
"The latest results of the three Czech-Bavarian monitoring clearly showed that the route through the valley Luženská represents a population of capercaillie best solution is a balance between nature conservation and tourism," says George Mánek.

The blue column but not the only thing that will offer Sumava this season.
5.červnece ceremonially opened the newly renovated part of the. The length of 3.2 kilometers from Pestřice the blue stream.
"You have a new place for the next emergency nocoviště - build new prospects similar to the one at Black Mountain at Modravy. New prospects will stand near the village Chlum at Volar, which would be a beautiful view of the Dead luh. Another view could stand on Oblík at Srní and stone heads in Czech Žleby, "says director Mánek.

In Šumava grow new areas of forest games. A similar example is already on Stožec. "This is a model case. New problems arise on existing walking trails around Kvilda and around Pine Lad, "says Josef Štemberk, Head of Marketing Administration of NP and PLA.

The park also plans to repair some information centers - such as the meridian at Stožec, for years, in Kašperské Mountains. Reconstruction will also end up being the Březník restaurants where tourists can enjoy refreshments, who hit the blue column.

At the Bohemian Forest, a new cycle - Glass - High platform to Prášilský. "Reconstructing 15 forest roads with a length of more than 30 km. Previously, we identified new routes for expeditions into the wilderness, which now headed for the PLA, "explains Pavel Pechoušek, a spokesman for the NP and PLA.
Despite Roklanský creek near Modravy lead in the summer of the new bridge, which will be beneficial in the winter, since it simplifies life Šumava skiers.

If you manage to get workers to the NP and PLA all relevant permits will become the Šumava přenocovací cabins - one should for example be in Bree at Ruda.

"In addition, the management of this park also hosts hundreds of programs to the public. In the menu there are more than two hundred. On his coming to all those who are interested in the history of the Bohemian Forest, a deeper understanding of nature and natural processes in the Bohemian Forest and Nature Conservation of course, "says
Tomas Fait, deputy director for external relations.

"The successful identification keys edition released two new administration, which introduced its owner with 92 points, a national park and conservation area as 92 places in the region Bavarian Forest National Park," says Martina Kučerová, methods of environmental education centers. Identification keys are a good guide to Wandering Šumava countryside and texts on them are in English and in German.

"At this year's tourist season is finally fulfills content motto" Welcome to the National Park Šumava. "As
a key event of this year's tourist season in Šumava consider opening the border crossing and hiking trails blue eyes." Virtually after 70 years, the post-revolutionary history of the Forest waiting for this moment over 20 years. Nazism, communist, and later activist efforts this traditional Šumava trail remained unavailable. tourism as valid exceptions rule: Offer a tourist, tourists Feed, mark his route, indicate the nature and the mystery of where it is in terms of its proper protection possible, thereby directs his steps and balance the desire for recognition and protection of nature is preserved as it has been for generations, "said Dr.. Ladislav Havel, former President of the Association of Travel Agencies of the Czech Republic, a member of the National Park Sumava

Source: NP Šumava tz, tz author Pavel Pechoušek

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