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The evacuees eggs are hatched in the Prague zoo has hundreds of young birds and reptiles

The building, which during normal operation serves as a training center, are now bird and reptile incubators in which hatched one chick at a time.

Overall, the eggs evacuated before the flood hatched 67 chicks have 25 kinds of birds and 106 chicks 10 kinds of reptiles.

Among the birds, which, even in extremely difficult conditions managed to breed, as critically endangered sojkovci modrotemenní, further Majna Rothschild vultures or carrion. The reptiles must appoint particularly sensitive agamky sand and turtles Texas that Prague Zoo has bred the first in Europe.

Notable is the story of twins reared exceptionally dvojzoborožce rhino. The hatched at the beginning of May and parents is fed into the cavity, which - as is typical for this type - walled. From there, the keepers of impending floods had cut out and moved to a safe area of ​​the zoo in the replacement block location on Earth.
However, once joined with parents, everything is immediately returned to their natural state. Mother and father with them again scrupulous care.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo: Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha

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