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Antioxidants - depth protection against the sun

Antioxidants - depth protection against the sun Certainly there is still a blue days, even though it now while looking out the window does not appear. And be sure you will want to take your fill - if you skin will thank you by or on rainy days neglect. This time we will focus on internal training.

Most people think that it is enough sunscreen with a high protection factor than headgear. However, these are just the really basic weapons against the sun. Fresh healthy skin color, unseasoned soft and supple skin deep but will not provide. This is necessary to protect our body from the inside, and much earlier. Excessive sun exposure is indeed a so-called free radicals that damage cells in the body. The organism against fortunately has a potent weapon - antioxidants. Some can be found in the quality sunscreen, but only with them in the hot summer certainly not be enough. Substantial those available to our body and which primarily obtained from food.

Where to find?

Most of antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables (vitamin C). Furthermore, the vegetable and vegetable and animal fats and in nuts (vitamin E). The fruits and vegetables are the richest in antioxidants yellow-orange (contains antioxidant beta-carotene). Mistake not, even if your diet to shift into more meat, offal, dairy products and cereals (rich in selenium and zinc). Theoretically, one should make do of these substances obtained from a normal diet. So if you follow the familiar rule five servings (about a fist-sized hand) fruit and vegetables a day.

But before the summer, when the body is exposed to excessive solar load, you should not increase the dose of antioxidants. Because free radicals not only have a negative effect on the skin - which is the most obvious offense, but also weaken the immune system, destroys joints and finally connected with cancer proliferation.

When diet is not enough

Also keep in mind that free radicals in the body can amass even when sunbathing at all neholdujete from the sun and you are forever hiding in the shadows. Their formation is also involved physical and psychological stress, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, stress and general distress. This means that the increased need for antioxidants you feel at any time during the year. At such a point, touching and after supplementation. The ideal is one in which you will find all important antioxidants nicely together and so you do not dig yourself into a lot of pills even several times a day. For example, you can try Selzink Plus. Balanced combination of selenium and zinc, and also all those important aforementioned vitamins and beta carotene. If you follow the dosage - leaving only one tablet a day - and you'll be in a lifestyle guided by common sense, no excess risk of these substances, you really will not.

Magnesium and iron on sensitive skin without color

Do you suffer from mild redness of the skin, which when dried unpleasant deactivated when burning? It is likely that you diet lacking in magnesium and iron. Just think of the women in the pregnancy that the growing belly and a flower in her face. It's because their body is flowing much more blood. If you strengthen your blood formation, it is likely that the condition of your skin significantly. To make sure that your body indulge nutrients just right (or excess anything sebezdravějšího not good for the body), you can choose the form of supplements - try for example Promagsan. Magnesium contained therein enables to 300 enzymes in the body. Appreciate it especially in hot weather, when large amounts of magnesium goes out of the body through perspiration. Dietary supplement Acidofolan again thanks to the presence of iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 participates in the formation of red blood cells, improves oxygenation and reduces body fatigue and exhaustion.

Anyway, remember to balanced diet and drinking regime. They will demonstrate a distinctive service. Certain foods address certain needs of the body. Organism is intelligent, knows what it wants and likes. It's just perceive it. Anyway, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals never go wrong.

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