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First aid for skin injury

Do you have a wound on your skin? Of course they can hurt, but it depends on the nature, location and severity of the injury. Therefore, it is important to treat the defect as soon as possible in order to minimize pain and everything healed quickly. We offer instructions on how to do it.

When to see a doctor

Every morning treat immediately, because even a simple cut can begin to fester when bacteria get into it. If the injury minor character, you can easily manage at home.
Caused you injury rusty nail and the like? Then you should contact a doctor immediately, especially if you are not sure that you have been vaccinated against tetanus.
Likewise, seek professional help if you cause injury to the animal.
If the wound edges are deep or "jagged", it may be necessary to place sutures to close.

By flushing the dressing

If it is a normal wound (cut, etc.), clean it with water, but avoid using soap. If possible, do not use either hydrogen peroxide or iodine, you may irritate the site.
Remove dirt, for example, using sterile forceps and sterile gauze. If you do not perfectly, you should contact a doctor - to injury could get an infection.
If the wound clean, use 1-3 times daily antibiotic ointment to prevent inflammation. As yet only a slight injury to the skin, do not use this ointment is sufficient only all covered with a sterile dressing or plaster.

Replace the bandage every day and always clean the skin around the wound.
If you feel that instead of him or inflamed, seek medical attention.
If you have surgery or chronic wounds, your doctor may recommend medications to relieve pain.

In the case of minor burns wound treated under running cold water to alleviate pain. Once a blister, puncture it increases the risk of infection. Rather it cover it with a sterile dressing. Do not put butter on burns, oil or ice!

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