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Poultry breeders give to feed hens due to dye darker žloutkům

According to the magazine dTest dopomáhají some eggs from the Czech retail network to dark orange žloutkům dye added to the feed of laying hens. One of Poultry breeders falsely declared enrichment of eggs omega 3 fatty acids.

Pigment found in the yolk is called canthaxanthin and is also known as E 161 G. Spectral analysis of the dye was found in half of the tested eggs. The assay was tested 11 products labeled fresh eggs from different types of housing from the cage after biochovy. Were evaluated and eggs from a small breeder.

"The darkest egg yolks were from caged hens, but it was just tinted canthaxanthin," says editor dTest Václav Beneš. Brightest yolks from hens had biovejce from organic farming, which is prohibited canthaxanthin and laboratory him in these eggs are found. Excluding artificial embellishment with bypass and eggs from three eggs nebiochovů and small farmers with nicely colored yolks.

Pigment canthaxanthin naturally contain some algae and fungi, but also produced synthetically. In eggs without human intervention occurs. Within the European Union, it is authorized for maintenance of certain animals, including poultry, the amount of the feed may not exceed the specified limits. "Consumers can calm down, that found levels of canthaxanthin in the tested eggs pose no risk to human health and the provision meet the threshold for acceptable daily intake for humans, "says Václav Beneš.

Two of egg producers on the package declared that their eggs are enriched with health beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, tests have shown that the truth was just one of them. The second had in its product omega 3 fatty acids on nothing more than the others, thus attributed eggs nonexistent property.

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