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The Olympic record holder repairman. Václav Chalupa found a home in rowing workshop

He took part as an athlete six Olympic games, that no other guild has failed. And even in the world of sports you similar power vytrvalců found. Václav Chalupa is rowing legend, famous for the most games in Barcelona, ​​where he won the silver medal.

"I've always said that the next Olympics might be the last," he smiles at the memory of his sporting career. Six participation into a profit of one medal, no one had lacked in the final run. This proves that the cottage was one of the best that rowing in his time had. And his skilled hands are still used today, fixes the workshop Rowing to the island, what life ridden ships.

"They are my life. I've always been manually skilled and so when this opportunity came up, I immediately took her, "explains
why he found himself in the bowels of the club Cvk where you shop rents." He brings me here by ships from all over Europe. Some need intensive repair, some just a lick of paint and varnish check, "he says looking at the German rowing, one of the better preserved." Initially, I had to learn from more experienced colleagues, but now I know well what what a ship needs. "

Dusty face, hands colors, becoming overalls and work days between shelves with dozens of tools, such is life like for the former Olympian. Obviously, it is in your skin. When he sees a fault, he knows just where to dig. In the background, the radio is playing, and you see a beautiful window on the Vltava River. Neither the River Cottage in advanced age did not lose. "Recently I was in Lipno, so I missed the skiff about sixteen miles."

Did not miss the famous Primátorkách CSOB Insurance. On the hundredth anniversary year with all relevant stakeholders according to their words very much enjoyed "Few people can say they lived to be 100 year in any competition. We have been so lucky, so we use it in June, "he concluded his tale cottage and hid his head in the boat, which was prepared on the stand. Nobody knew what we all meet in the coming days, the weather will be against the planned celebrations ..

Organizers hundredth Primátorky agreed with the situation due to the replacement 20. - 22 - of September. Decided the way, the damage caused by floods in the shipyards organizing rowing clubs, and therefore, the view of hydrologists is due to the water level in the river Vltava in the coming days significantly negative.

The event should also introduce old-new European champions Miroslava Knapková and Ondřej Synek, Italian Olympians crew and also representatives of the English Cambridge with Milan Bruncvík. Perhaps all we can look forward to in September.

I of Vaclav Chalupa. A post-flood until the situation calms down, and you will pass along the Vltava, maybe it will be on the ship, which was in the hands of just one.

Source: Press Release

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