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Concerto Zoo: 'Raising the head after the 11 years'.

Concerto Zoo: 'Raising the head after the 11 years'. Prague zoo flooded the turbulent river. With timely evacuation managed to save the vast majority of animals and a large amount of tangible assets.

"Preliminary estimates of damage climbed to the sum of 160 million crowns. Even if we manage to gather the necessary resources, it will take many months before the bottom of the zoo restored. And none of us want to relive what happened here twice already. Need to be addressed Prague Zoo protection against floods. Decision not to build in the flood control, which was the Prague City Council made ​​after the flood in 2002 and the result is the current tragedy, proved to be incorrect. As soon open at least the upper part of the zoo. Now her visit - and perhaps by bringing their friends - you can help us. "Says the current situation zoo director Miroslav Bobek.

Employees gardens from Sunday to evacuate most of the animal inhabitants and furniture bottom of the Prague zoo. On Sunday afternoon, soon moved to safety tapirs trappings, sitatunga large turtles and certain species of birds, followed by the primates of Monkey Island, big cats, Komodo dragons on Rinca breeding facilities, flamingos and more. Sunday night was the turn of the latest types. In the upper part of the zoo moved penguins and sea lions.

Abeba with ten female calf was moved to the rear Exposition polar bears, watermelon, Julinka Bara and Bert are in the background of the new pavilion hippos.

In the flooded part of the zoo remains a group of lowland gorillas. Females with cubs went on Sunday to flood the tower, however, refused to Richard Hall, a familiar leave. Breeders him and later put to sleep and transferred to flood the tower to the other.

"When possible, be taken to court Králové Zoo, where they will remain so until the pavilion repaired. Even so, however, can not return to it, if we are sure that steps have been taken to prevent further repetition of the same disaster, "said Miroslav Bobek.

People who want to help Prague Zoo can send any financial contribution to the special flood account Zoo Praha account number 3070207 / 0100th

Volunteers who provide manual assistance may enroll in facebook group Flood 2013 - helping Zoo Praha, or email [email protected].

You can contribute and participate in a charity concert for the Prague Zoo . The concert will be held in the Great Hall of the Lucerna Palace June 12, 2013 in 20 hours. Speakers such as Tomáš Klus, Yellow Dog, Xindl X, Eddie Stoilow, Marek Lost, Grandpa Mládek Illegal Band and more.

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