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Not only ADRA is ready to start helping people in flooded areas

Not only ADRA is ready to start helping people in flooded areas In recent days, river levels rose for the third flood stage at more than 40 locations in the Czech Republic. NGO ADRA closely monitoring the situation in the areas affected by floods.

In South Bohemia arrived yesterday Josef cookie, main coordinator of emergency aid organization ADRA, and instead of trying to determine the current needs of the local population. "We communicate with the committee, the Integrated Rescue System and representatives of other NGOs and determine the extent of damage caused floods. "

In the next few hours ADRA decide on voluntary participation and eventual publication of a collection. For immediate emergency assistance released ADRA emergency fund of € 250 000, - CZK. For more information you can watch website .

ADRA in the Czech Republic actively participates in emergency aid since 1997, when it hit a large part of Moravia extensive flooding. Last ADRA helped by a flood in 2010 Prerovsky, South Moravia, Decin and Liberec, where he coordinated more than 1,500 volunteers.

People in Need also carefully monitor the flood situation and waits for news of crisis staffs. The collection is currently not advertised, but it can change with changing circumstances.

Czech television
set up a crisis map - a website where citizens can place the current photo and a short video of the flooded areas.

Crisis map CT
Instructions on how to report on events in your area, you will find here .

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web CT24, People in Need.

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