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Allergy sex can be a nightmare

Although many people with similar problems to your doctor ever visit the stud, hypersensitivity associated with making love really exists. Allergic might well be in one intercourse threatened several times.

Same symptoms

It may surprise you, but sex has a lot in common allergic reactions. Is accompanied by often intermittent breathing, rapid heart rate, sweating and flushing. It may so happen that a mild allergic reaction if they develop during lovemaking, even notice. Otherwise, it is but in severe conditions such as in the case of total edema, asthma attacks or anaphylactic shock. However, also these may be sexual pleasures provoked.

Irritant protection

The best known allergen associated with sexual activity is contained latex in condoms or some erotic aids.
Disability can be both a woman and a man.
Allergies can manifest itself only in areas that come into contact with latex, or whether overall.
Among the local symptoms include itching, burning, swelling or rash. Among the total, the above-mentioned serious conditions.
The solution is to limit their contact with latex - luckily protection from non-allergenic materials, such as polyurethane, is now no problem to get.

Unbearable sperm

Rare, but existing allergy is hypersensitivity to semen or seminal often tekutinu.Ženy that suffer from it can thus respond to seed one particular partner, but also the male sperm in general.
In some cases represent allergenic ingredients in the ejaculate of drugs or food into it in a minimum amount of penetration of blood. In this case, only a single allergic reaction.
As an effective prevention is to use a condom, if pregnancy is desired for treatment of progressive desensitization or body got used to the allergen "served" in increasingly higher concentrations. This method, however, should be undertaken only with expert knowledge.

There's more

Allergic reactions during sex can meet even if this self intercourse has a lot in common. An example is the sensitivity to exercise, which may be accompanied by an asthma attack. Rare then neither "bed allergy" caused by a certain type of perfume, massage oil or lubricant gel.

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