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Ride a narrow gauge railway Lodge, the highest in the world

Ride a narrow gauge railway Lodge, the highest in the world "Sooner was a different time," complains sometimes many desperate parents or grandparents. Of course they are right, since their childhood, something changed. Still, there are places that surely brighten eyes not only small but also adults. One such is Vigvam.

Multi-purpose area in Němčice at Cologne is the perfect day out for the family trip. For the highest building of its kind in the world, which is registered in the Czech and Slovak Book of Records, in addition, visitors can go oldest sugar beet in the Czech Republic. From 1 May had launched a seasonal operation Cologne sugar beet.

Riding the train pulled by steam locomotive restored after the oldest narrow gauge track Elbe sugar beet, which were once used to transport sugar beets into sugar, is itself a great experience. And what about when the end of the ride the picturesque Elbe landscape awaits another adventure! Multi-purpose area wigwam, where its all coming generations.

While small neposedové to advise on the playground reminiscent of a pirate ship, their parents can sit on the outdoor terrace and enjoy not only the fresh air, but also one of the specialties of stylish restaurants, offering dishes made with quality local ingredients, or a glass of pink from the King "růžovek" winemaker George Horta. And together they set off to explore the local mini-zoo, turtle enclosure or pond full of trout. Deserved reward for all will only ice cream cone, but also to the tourist sticker diary. At that boasts an attractive tourist destinations such Vigvam unquestionably belongs.

Locomotive with three open, or in case of bad weather three indoor heated wagons, and two wagons for wheelchairs, strollers and cyclists out of the station Sendražice - Cologne Saturdays and Sundays and all public holidays from 1 May to 31 August (during the holidays is the schedule expanded to center). Prolonged driving in Němčice ends at the station mill, where passengers converting to train Lodge, which is imported directly into the area. Motoráček connected to each joint Cologne sugar beet, so worried that will not be going back, not in place. Only that you have decided to extend the weekend in a pleasant environment and spend the night in one of the eighteen cozy rooms.

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