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Renew your vitality and stay fit all year

Most doctors and other experts agree that the various instructions and extreme detox diets are at best stupid, ineffective and useless at worst directly harmful. Yet many people crave at least once a year to help your body get rid of waste and recover strength, kick your metabolism and rebound to a healthier life.

How, then arrange in order not to laugh " guaranteed diet ", yet your body really benefited?

Plan a four-week "detoxification cure"

Give a resolution that this spring you your body carefully addressed four weeks. You will not bother him any enemas, questionable supplements or cruel starvation. You'll do everything to the contrary, to allow his body to start its own cleansing mechanisms, and gave him what to do may need. This in fact is nothing more than this:
healthy, varied, balanced diet and regular;
enough of the right fluids;
frequent movement;
refreshing sleep and plenty of rest;
quality medical care, and if you are healthy and above all recommended preventive examinations.

They seem to help the body too obvious, than to their implementation could pay for four weeks? Make no mistake, you have to change more than you think! Every one week to gradually focus on one of the aforementioned needs of your body.

Week One - Learn to eat healthier

Healthy eating a person learns in a week, but you can build the basics:
Do not try to immediately change your diet drastically, but more think: I need such a large portion? I need to buy chips? I can now engage more fruits or vegetables? I do not have to buy a tangerine?
Plan at least one day in advance what you eat. Buy in advance and avoid stoking shelves in a fit hungry wolf.
Divide your daily meal within three to five servings and eat only at that time, no uzobávání between meals. When the three main daily meals to ignore other activities.
Discover new recipes and new foods - buy a cookbook or shopping in the store with exotic products and health food stores.
Limit your consumption of meat, sausages, frozen foods, prepared salads and sweets. Insert at least one day a week when you cook from fresh raw materials.

Week Two - Introduce drinks

Plenty of fluids for efficient leaching of contaminants from the body absolutely necessary. But it is not fluid as the fluid.
Start each day with a glass of water, or flavored with a little squeezed lemon or fruit juice.
Keep in mind that during the day, you should take two to three liters of fluid.
Think about the quality of what you drink. Learn how to prepare homemade lemonade, ginger ale or homemade iced tea. If possible, completely stop or at least reduce the intake of sugary soft drinks.
During this week to completely avoid alcohol, I'm sure it's only good for you!

Week Three - start to finally move

Have you tried it many times and are sure that it will not last? Try it again. This week we select the three days when you move. And then the next week - and then the other.
Nevymýšlejte not hard, naordinujte such a movement that since you will not require too overwhelming. It is most important is to endure.
Even if you only have to go three times a week, run around your house, do it. You will see that, at least for a month and you do not you run away.
But most importantly, remember: Your initial goal should be modest, because the most important is to endure!

Week Four - relax!

Last week detoxification of your schedule to learn deserved rest. Finally, after you've started eating healthily, give your body enough of the right fluids and exercise regularly, you really deserve.
Do not ever rob them of their sleep, it should take 6-8 hours a day.
Consider buying a new mattress, pillows or blankets compliant.
Each day, take some time to yourself and just do what you feel like doing that moment. Even if it was only half an hour, after which you will not do anything.

Author: MD. Helena Janíčková, expert uLékař
Source: U lékař

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