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Relieve diet - get rid of the bulky and abdominal

Relieve diet - get rid of the bulky and abdominal I also look forward to the spring when you can tuck shaggy coats and place them pull out from under the closet light skirts and sweaters? The only thing that can spoil the mood is the fact that they do not enter the winter.

The first solution is to up the ante in the gym. But you should not forget to change the diet. If somewhere in the body affect how and what we eat, it's just belly first. Probably because the food passes through it all ...

Skinny does not mean flat

Exercise is obviously important. Lean belly, if it is at least somewhat Indeed, is muscles, looks ugly softly to plummet. On the other hand, you do sklapovaček 300 a day, but if you dig to your heart's content, no one appreciates your efforts - muscles covered with fat. Important therefore is regular and varied exercise. Anareobní strengthening abdominal casseroles interlaced best during aerobic at which you burn calories. Moreover, if you run technically correct - does not bend and use except legs and arms, then instinctively hold downloaded and abdomen, and therefore it also strengthens.

Bad combination

As for the food, not just to reduce its quantity, but also a guard in what combinations you eat. If you regularly indulge in a creamy sauce with dumplings, you will formless figure not only because of the amount of fat that enters the body, which is then stored at the most inappropriate places, but also a belly like a balloon. Because yeast puffed food. Just happens when you drink plenty of sparkling mineral water or coke light salmon steamed vegetables. While not eat extra calories, but you will feel like you ate goose. Even for a popular and theoretically harmless combination of cheese and bread would you dietitian praised. Dairy products zajídané wheat bread are bad for the body to digest and the result is again a bloated belly. But do not just give up this combination. Looking at the "Forest" vegetable butter, cheese zakusujte vegetables and see how you will look in a few days.

Beware of attachments

Whatever I need is to lose weight or just want to maintain weight, beware of attachments. Dumplings, croquettes, chips and similar foods full of empty calories can really admire the exception and limit their number. If you are still hungry after a meal, treat yourself to the greater portion of lean meat and a large vegetable.

Do not forget to salads or as a separate balanced meal. And do not worry him generously flavored. Excellent yoghurt dressing in its range such as company Spak. You can experiment with many flavors such as yogurt-tomato, which stand out in a salad of root vegetables (with carrots, radishes and celery). Do těstovinového salad again perfect spicy yogurt-mustard dressing. Again, do not forget the vegetables. Pieces of peppers, and sour cucumber and smoked meats replace the need for tofu.

Bet on meat

Lean as chicken or fish has the advantage that it fills up, gives much needed nutrients, but low in fat. Moreover, it is easily digested, thus neodvalíte from the table like a whale. If you are still hungry after a meal (which gives the scale portions wait), do it like the French. Put a piece of cheese at the end. In addition, reduces acidity in the mouth and prevents tooth decay. For dessert, give fruit sorbet or yogurt.

But do not avoid completely sweet. Was of little fat is a flavor carrier, so sometimes sweet tiramisu with mascarpone bold or quality chocolate treat yourself. All you really have to follow are those smaller portions. Think of it as that chocolate bar or a plate of cakes will be judged not really ... but you are judged belly pan!

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