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Innsbruck from an eagle's perspective

Innsbruck from an eagle's perspective The capital of the Alps provides its residents and visitors a distinctive "Alpine-urban lifestyle" Tyrolean capital, linking the city in a unique way, sport and culture.

Nordkettenbahn allows in only 20 minutes ride from Innsbruck's medieval historic center on a sunny mountain terrace restaurant at 2,000 meters above sea level. This is where you can see the most beautiful of Innsbruck perspective: that above.

From the city to the countryside easily and quickly

For living in an idyllic atmosphere, yet close to the city offers its services 25 holiday villages in sunny plateaus and in the valleys around Innsbruck.

Holiday villages are scattered along a picturesque wooded landscape, interwoven network of hiking trails, ideal for trips to mountain biking and hiking. There is also a variety of leisure facilities such as golf courses, equestrian paths and lakeside swimming pool. The typical atmosphere of the local villages lend decorative parish churches, ancient farmhouses, village wells and of course the locals who live, work and shop. Numerous hotels, inns and guest house offers its guests wellness, culinary surprises and high quality service.

Who is sumptuously admire nature and village life, thanks to the immediate vicinity of Innsbruck profit from its cultural offerings, browse the medieval center and delve into the rich history and the city.

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