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Solemnly loading a 'Art House'

Solemnly loading a 'Art House' Already in less than a week getting ready for its debut sensitively renovated Baroque art house. Will other object that the historic environment Chvalské fortress in Upper Počernice culture come alive.

First welcomes first guests May 2013 from 17 hours when the facility Atelier Fiala inaugurate the opening of an activity important works by the artist Pavel Brazda. The ceremony will be accompanied by baroque music, dance and knightly combat and complete the whole building will be open to the public. For it is not only an exhibition offering. On display there will be many more, including the ability to peek under the hood of restoration work, or the tranquility and bite something stylish in a cozy old Czech pub Špejchar.

"No reply, but authentic items of the time, place, time and way through which you can touch several centuries without a feel of being in a museum,"
characterizes the new cultural object studio owner David Fiala. And they do not just figuratively, typically here you can see for example, clocks designed in the same manner as the Astronomical Clock, manned lunar machine, which not only show seconds, minutes, or hours, but days, months, or the stars in the sky at that time. A unique piece that rozchodily his right hand restorers. The restoration workshop then you can see how the furniture, accessories or other images over vylupují to beauty, to find out what as shellac and how it relates to Indian bugs.

The stylish pub you can try Cracklings, interesting dishes delicious beer on a cutting board and let you dish out fine sausage. By the way the cheese of your choice under glass Šturc, you cut off just as much as we will show.

Sales Gallery in turn satisfy all which is not enough for items marked by a desire for ever. And when you climb to the top floor, you will be exposed to the works of painters and sculptors.

"Trade is the most important issue, we want to combine the past and present. And because this environment it lives a number of events, we want to integrate the cultural space and enrich it with his own, "says
Fiala. The local gallery would be in addition to works by contemporary artists and historical masters such offer interesting achievements of students of art schools and new talent.

Atelier Fiala

Atelier Fiala Ltd. since 1991, focusing on arts and monuments and antiquities of wood. The company managed to build a stable team to excellence and due to the large share of public and private procurement to expand its focus to include other professional activities. Today it covers many artistic disciplines, which are now being consolidated in the "House of Art" at the top Počernice.

Pavel Brazda

An important Czech artist, was born on 21 August 1926 in Brno into a wealthy family and culture. In 1944 he created his own artistic movement called "hominism". In 1945-6 he studied art history and philosophy at the Masaryk University in Brno, a little later, then went to college, but where was excluded. For political reasons, was then expelled from the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1948 he met his future wife, with one of the most remarkable painters Vera Novak, with whom he lives today. In 1954 he created a work called Astronaut. This became the beginning of the 90s of the 20th century symbol of the journal Respect t. In 1967 he first exhibited his paintings in three Mayans salon. The first major exhibition was in conjunction with Vera Novak in 1992 PKC Women homes in Prague. In 2006 (for his eightieth birthday) has developed an extensive and well attended a retrospective exhibition of the Prague National Gallery.

He is a laureate of the Revolver Revue for 1991. In 2008 he was awarded the Order of Merit of the state of art. On 28 February 2013, however this award to Mr. President Vaclav Klaus returned with a letter in which he expressed his disagreement with his attitude lately. He is the first awarded in 1989, honors the state returned.

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