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Running is fine, but be safe!

In this activity injuries most often occur because of overloading, neodhadnutí your skills, use of inappropriate footwear or errors in technique. The good news is that most injuries can be prevented. The following steps will tell you how to do it.

First Slow load
A lot of running injuries are caused by switching and neodhadnutím own abilities (too large intensity of exercise, over distance, etc.). It is important to proceed with caution, even when adding loads of training. It is not good to increase covered a distance of more than 10% per week. This avoids the pain and frustration, and yet the time you reach your dream goals. Not forgetting regular stretching before the start and after finishing. It is very important in preventing injuries.

Second Proper shoes
Make sure you have good shoes and the right type for your feet and running style. Improper shoes can sometimes intensify existing problems and cause sore feet, knees or hips. Rather go to a specialized store and check the purchase deal. Shoes you should vary every 500-800 kilometers.

3rd Suitable surface

Ideally, try to run on surfaces that absorb shock. As much as possible, avoid concrete, because it is about 10 times harder than asphalt, and your training therefore totally inappropriate. For longer runs it is good to choose a grassy vegetation or soil. Another requirement for the proper running route is its permanence - a long-term same surface as straight as possible and with a prolonged corners.

4th Level Training

If you still only strengthen the muscles you need when running, can lead to joint damage. For example, a knee injury is often caused by a greater load on the rear calf and thigh muscles, which are important when running. Weak quadriceps thigh muscle then fails to keep the kneecap in the correct position when it moves and it causes pain. But if you strengthen these muscles front, the pain subsides soon.

After an injury slowly

Excessive training is the most common cause of injury, so always think that progress takes time and is not a good idea to try something rushed. If you have to do some injuries still occur, always make sure that is really all right, before again attempting to sports. It is good to start slowly with lighter loads.

Source: Healing

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