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The method of conception: how much affects the future health of the child?

Assisted reproduction is becoming a common method in the treatment of infertility and children created in a test tube is still growing. There comes a time when you can summarize and evaluate the results of this method. Specifically, one question is most: how babies are conceived outside the mother's body medically as well as those engendered by the traditional route?

Safe method

Replies brings many studies and we offer some of the results. Before the revelation of current knowledge, but must point out that most babies are born healthy after a summary of the results is possible to say that assisted reproduction is a safe method to come into the world.

First Neonatal deaths. Even in modern medicine, there are still cases where doctors are helpless baby is born either dead or die within a short period after birth. Studies show that the risk is slightly higher for children conceived in a test tube (in the Czech Republic is the stillbirth rate after artificial insemination 0.414%, after spontaneous conception only 0.203%).

Second Congenital defects. Also in this criterion are doing baby after artificial insemination of something worse. Generally, due to the normally conceived as premature children frequently (11% vs. 8%) and tend to have lower birth weight (7% versus 4.7%). In the Czech Republic with a malformation born after IVF babies around 4.64% compared to 3.69% commonly conceived as children. Mostly it is a defect of the central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, heart, or reproductive system.

3rd Multiple pregnancies. Born more than one child by in vitro fertilization is about 8 times more frequent. This ratio had been higher, but change tactics gradually reduce the number of multiple pregnancies . These are more risky for both mother and child, and after any pregnancy. First of all, increase the risk of premature birth, bleeding during pregnancy or increase in blood pressure pregnant.

4th Morbidity in childhood. Children up to 6 years after artificial insemination were hospitalized 2 × more frequently than others. But this fact may be due to many factors associated. First, it can be associated with premature delivery or multiple pregnancies, due to the different - and more cautious - approach parents who underwent artificial insemination.

5th The risk of cancer.
Increase this risk was in children after in vitro fertilization confirmed.

6th Growing a healthy baby. In another development have been described dramatic differences. If there are some small differences, usually can be attributed to more frequent prematurity (eg, attention deficit disorder and learning, increased blood pressure, etc.).

There are a number of pressures

It is important to note that although we have some statistics and numbers, do not know the exact origin of the differences. Can not say that for them the right techniques can clearly artificial conception.
Parent couples undergoing assisted reproduction tend to have a disease or genetic load, which can have an impact on full-term babies or consequential health.
In addition, mothers fertilized outside the body and are generally older maternal age may be important for child health.
Multiple pregnancies in this case are also abundant, and as already mentioned, are generally riskier.

It is obvious that there is much to learn. At the same time it can be said that artificial insemination is an effective solution to reproductive problems and secure way.

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