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My mom!

My mom! The first gorilla born in the Czech Republic, eight-year Moja gave birth on the 16th 4th 2013 her first baby. Mother and baby are reported to the Nature Park Cabárceno fine.

"The Chief zoologist Nature Park Cabárceno Beatriz Gallego informed me that My morning she gave birth. She and her baby are fine and Moja according to the first observation manifests itself as an excellent mother, "said the birth Mojina young manager Zoo Praha Miroslav Bobek.

Moja immediately after birth also began their first chick care. Hours after birth have seen breeders cub for the first time to suck breast milk.

Sire is twenty-seven male members who are genetically valuable because it comes from the wild.

"My baby still hidden under his hand, so no one knows yet whether it is male or female. Developments in the first hours after birth, however, shows that life in a natural group in Prague Moja learned everything a mother needs, "added the event curator of primates Zoo Praha Vit Luke. Now Luke was with colleagues in Spain by notification Mojiny pregnancy in regular contact.

Visitor traffic cabárcenském pavilion in the coming days, regulated, Moja and baby need peace.

Moja was born on 13 December 2004, is the first baby western lowland gorilla born in the Czech Republic. In Spain went in the fall of 2011. Both of her parents, Richard and Kijivu, are living in Prague. Kijivu currently cares for her fourth cub, a male Nuru, who was born on 22 December 2012.

Source: tz Zoo
Photo: Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabárceno - First slide mine and her baby

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