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6 principles for the planning of buildings with low-cost operation

When planning new buildings are increasingly inflected words such as effectiveness and efficiency. The reasons are obvious, the cost of traffic is constantly increasing. If the question of the functioning of the financial structure does not take into account when planning, the holder during her lifetime to pay several times the price for the acquisition.

We will advise you what are the basic principles of efficient buildings, which applies to houses and commercial buildings.

First The choice of land and building placement

Building efficient construction begins with the choice of site. Is particularly important location and accessibility. If you decide to build far from amenities, you will later spend significant amounts of money for commuting and supplies. An important element of the operational efficiency of the building is exposure of the land to sunshine and wind. Ideal house stands on an unobscured field, the largest glazed area facing the sunlit side. Sometimes, of course, can not affect the location of the building. The location is given for example terraced houses or street line or other land is not available. Even in such cases, but should be considered for planting deciduous trees that are in the summer shade and winter turn freely granted sunlight.

Second The overall layout construction

In terms of operating costs, particularly heating is the ideal compact and rugged enough shape of the building. Acting can be such a cuboid with a slightly sloped roof with a minimum of niches that cause heat loss. Well also consider the size of the building. The oversized house you will deaden the cost of cleaning, maintenance and especially energy. "Space in the house should be adapted to the cardinal, air conditioning and heating. Everything is of course necessary to solve under the proposed level of energy efficiency of the house. Living room is one of the sunlit side of where it should be the largest area of windows, communication and storage facilities are positioned more to the north. It is also necessary to separate heated and unheated zones. When the layout of the rooms, unfortunately, sometimes neglecting the influence of external noise burdens, "said Vladimír Svoboda, CEO of Interplan-CZ, one of the specialists in the field of design engineering and construction preparation.

3rd Precise and versatile project

The future of the works shall be decided already at the stage of initial design. It is important that the basic project originated in cooperation with all professions and specialties. Essential is also the presence of a professional architect designers. Useful is also of the opinion builders and suppliers of air conditioning and heating system. If these experts together does not communicate problems will arise as a result of which often reduces the overall quality of the resulting structures. Before beginning a larger project is worth a process feasibility study. It provides answers to the fundamental questions of the investment plan, technical solutions, financial plan or the impact of construction on the environment. In addition, limited by changes in the realization of buildings that are a consequence of its unexplained or nekomunikovaných properties. These include construction costs, which can exceed the expectations of the client start.

4th Energy concept

At current prices of electricity and gas can not be considered effective construction without detailed energy concept. The aim of the buildings that require as little energy from external sources. We often hear about the so-called passive houses, which on heating and cooling consume up to ten times less energy than a conventional house. However, they require complex and sophisticated design. The properties are the result of low-energy house design envelope, selected materials, the heating and ventilation. Often they are also equipped with solar collectors or heat pump. The specific properties you at your request, suggests the designer according to circumstances and for investors.

5th Quality materials and technology

People who want to save money, often in the planning and execution of the building goes back to cheaper materials and technologies. In the long run, but it can pay off. The house is usually built for more than a generation, and when you choose quality materials, save yourself future repairs and concerns. For example, the choice of high-quality external wall insulation system increases the life of the structure, are also important windows with quality frames. Commonly used windows and doors are often surface leakage power. To achieve the quality of construction is good to ask for references on the proposed goods and verify the user is realized buildings. Another important part of achieving quality construction is the use of good practices and technologies built products.

6th Good maintenance and regular care

If you want to operate your new building remained effective and inexpensive in the future, do not underestimate maintenance and care in the form of repairs, inspections and controls. For larger buildings are worth investing in so-called facility management and operation optimization entrust a professional company. "Facility management can reduce operating costs, better use of the space and extend the life of assets. His contribution consists in setting clear requirements for various maintenance operations, administration buildings, the options for control and evaluation of the operations conducted. A useful tool for larger buildings is software that makes it easy to store and track information about the property, buildings, equipment and facilities for facility management, "said Vladimír Svoboda from the company Interplan-CZ.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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