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Manufacturers sausages indicate faulty parts of meat

Manufacturers sausages indicate faulty parts of meat Many manufacturers Vienna sausages appear on the packaging of a higher proportion of meat in them than what it really is. In six of the fifteen products that have proven tests.

The highest difference between the actual and the declared content of meat was almost 17% to the detriment of consumers, the Vienna sausages from a string Coop. Kilogram of meat in them contained a customer comes to 323 CZK!
Also another product, Tesco Vienna sausages, failed the test. Although the label promised 65% contained at least these sausages of meat, and only 49%.
The third product of the lack of evaluation were Vienna sausages Lidl Pikok. On the box are 80% meat, although laboratory tests showed only 64%. "To these three products have lodged a complaint to the State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority," says the manager of testing magazine dTest Václav Beneš.

According to food regulations must Viennese sausage contain at least 55% beef, pork or veal and a maximum of 40% fat. Must not contain any mechanically separated meat, the reprint or poultry. "Requirements met all tested products, are mentioned sausages from Tesco meet demand the minimum proportion of meat to offset the tolerance measurements, "says Václav Beneš.

In six brands of sausages was also demonstrated the presence of glutamate, which supply food meat flavor. Their main task is to conceal the faint taste of starch and soy contained in the sausage. Now these ingredients manufacturers replace the missing meat.

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