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You are buying a used car? These scams beware

Buying a used car accompanied by many risks. On the Czech used car market can often run into the car stolen, or improperly repaired the car rolled kilometers. Some scams can be detected relatively easily. However, particularly on cars imported from abroad under existing conditions declared verify certain information about buying the car virtually impossible.


With this relatively frequent fraud seller can get for a used car, truck offered by several tens of thousand more. With the finding that the number of miles driven deliberately reduced, can help an experienced mechanic. It does this by comparing the wear of engine or vehicle interior with mileage. However, this method is not very reliable.

In the future, according to the intentions EU should therefore help regular records mileage vehicles in the Central Registry and make it available to the public in each country. For cars imported from abroad contribute to the detection přetočených kilometers involvement in European interface Eucaris and his project mileage. Thanks to him, it will be possible to determine the state of mileage, which had a car before crossing the Czech border.

Stolen vehicles

Police action purge revealed that the Czech Republic is an alarming number of cars stolen abroad and subsequently registered with us on false documents. Current conditions allow to verify whether store-bought car is reported as stolen in the Czech Republic. Used to do a database of stolen cars on the website of the Ministry of Interior.

At the same time the vehicles are registered in CRV tested in European police intelligence systems for stolen vehicles. But they do not help to verify the fact that the car was just stolen and the theft was not reported, for example, because the owner was on vacation.

"For vehicles stolen abroad would reveal their dubious origin should effectively help to connect the interface Eucaris. In it are recorded all car defects, in addition to the reported theft also scrapping its ecological or invalid registration. It is listed here as the rightful owner of the car, "says
Roman Cancer Society of Iris Ident, which specializes in used car fraud.

Automobile in execution or arrest

Before buying a car is essential to verify that the vehicle does not bind execution. The executor is the car to the new owner at any time have fun, and even if they bought it in good faith that everything is in order. Check the eventual execution is possible in the Central Register of execution chambers to the executors.

Greater danger then a car that is pledged. Pledge an automobile is virtually undetectable. After buying the car so the new owner can suddenly fail creditors. And that it entertained no matter that the car changed hands. This information about the car, therefore, according to experts, should be conveyed to the public through the CRV.

Crashed cars and wrecks

Incorrect repairs often totally bouraných cars and their subsequent sale are also not uncommon. Such a vehicle but it can be very dangerous. The suspects repairs can alert a different shade of paint on the individual parts of the body, other paint thickness, irregular joints or their presence where they should not be.

It is also necessary to compare the identifiers set in different parts of the vehicle with information on the registration papers and documents to verify originality. Identifiers already scrapped cars are also used here as a replacement for cars stolen identifiers. Such practices, however, help to reliably detect again involved in Eucaris.

Facelifted cars

In addition to coiling kilometers inflate disreputable dealers also often cost car falsification of date of first registration in the Czech Republic or abroad. Modified data in documents can be verified on codes, which is located on the glasses, belts, fluid containers, and other car parts. Even with them, however, there is a forgery.

"The date of first registration could well be verifiable if the Department of Transportation made ​​an impersonal data from the Central Vehicle Register. Data on foreign cars here would be to transfer from European Eucaris interface, the implementation of which was approved last year, "explains Roman Cancer Society of Iris Ident.

Poor technical condition of the car

Seller often declare the vehicle a better technical condition than it actually is. Before purchasing it is necessary to verify the actual characteristics of the car. Attention should be paid to the engine, interior, wheels and bodywork.

Prověřovacím necessary step must also be sufficiently long test drive, at which the verification of all important roadholding. Check to be especially smooth shifting, reliability brakes, toe and smooth running.

The vehicle would have to go through before purchasing administrative screening and a thorough physical check. This should be done preferably in cooperation with authorized dealers of the factory marks.

Source: tz, author Roman Cancer

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