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Dentist in Kenya

Sacred Ibis us with his rasp waking up to a new day. Is 7.30 and looking out the window it looks like another hot summer day, even if the calendar is only February.

With fellow doctor and five medical students to find in Kenya, a village Itibo where ADRA operates medical equipment, including dental surgery. Have breakfast together on the terrace, to change again, bananas, and around us slowly trickle into the ambulance first patients. Nšóči, our watchman and janitor in one person, to me at breakfast was waving and gestures indicating that the patient was waiting on me. Yanking molars goes smoothly.

Along with the med student but Roman is already preparing for the next patient. We expect twelve Joyce, which I had last week due to injury tear upper right incisor. I promised her that I will make it new and now in African conditions, without laboratories, finishing up with his production. I used a portion of the tooth crown ulomeného, ​​missing part fotokompozitním finished building material that we have fortunately available, and cut off the root. Now, I in collaboration with Joyce, tuning the shape and size, sharpened and Polish with her tooth and adjacent teeth stick with the same material that I appeared before. For us, a similar technique is used more as a makeshift, here hoping that Joyce tooth lasts as long as possible.

Around two in the afternoon the lawn outside the surgery begins to turn blue. They come at preventing children from a local school in blue uniforms. Every day we manage examined 25 children and about 10 odsanovat. Today we expect the four boys righted teeth and a whole new class of boys on tour. I was a little doubt himself when sit on the lawn full of girls. The teacher is difficult arrangement, sometimes it happens that reaches a whole different class, or children who have been with us. Solve the problem, the teacher again reminded who to bring in and tomorrow with a student Romana whole afternoon investigating, administering and giving away toothbrushes and toothpaste. Every time we have a group of children rushes into the office, watching us under the arms and wearing each other laugh when your mouth feels after anesthesia. In the middle of the work you will be surprised blackout. Or rather surprising fit the headlamp and continue on. After we finished the afternoon and sterilized tools for tomorrow.

Looks like a quiet evening on the terrace. We read, talk, eat dinner. Persistent honking for us from the entrance gate of peace but bring out. Around us for a while zooms bike with three passengers, one in the middle to hold more willpower. Colleagues' všeobecňáci "headed by Ales are mobilized and then cups already investigating. This is a young man in a coma with a head wound and a broken collarbone. From the passenger seat trying to figure out what happened. Motorcycle accident. It is in quite a critical condition and in our conditions it can not do anything else. Therefore organizes transport to the local hospital. With Ales and fellow doctor, we set out our off-road vehicle - ambulance - 45min in a distant city. At the entrance of two soldiers with machine guns, the dark hallway barely illuminated light. The room physician in civilian clothes mending knee. Apparently we lay on the bed next to the patient, when finished, looks at him. The entire hospital is only one doctor. On the way we sit silent. Rather quietly pray that we never have been forced to make use of this equipment. Back to Itibo arrived after midnight and before bedtime at tea recounts other impressions. In vain I wonder what this experience compare.

Author: Margaret Gross, stomatoložka, volunteer in medical center Itibo in Kenya
Source: tz

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