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Cancer of the testicle for his victim chooses mainly young men

While breast cancer in women hear or read all the time, "typically male" sarcoma, testicular cancer, the media appears much less often.

It is true that, in comparison with cancer breast cancer is much less common testis, on the other hand, young men, where it appears by far the most, is the most common type of malignant tumor .

What should men (and their loving women) know about testicular cancer

Because testicular cancer so often speak and also occurs in young men aged when thinks of everything, but certainly not the cancer, the most malignant tumor man caught completely off guard. Basic information about the risk of testicular cancer But what we should know all and to all the young men in your area willing to pass this information on:
Testicular cancer usually arises from the cells that produce sperm in the male reproductive gland - the testicle.
Most often occurs in young men aged 20-39 years.
Most cases of testicular cancer appear young men themselves. Sign of testicular cancer can be anything unusual, what is this body concerned. Most often a man Nahm hard lump on testicle cancer, but may also lead to discomfort or pain in the groin, testicular swelling or feeling of unusual heaviness in the scrotum.
Testicular cancer if they develop in time, is usually well treatable. Although the vast majority of cases can successfully cure, but still some people in this cancer die.
The most important thing is prevention of testicular cancer testicular self-examination. Every man should roughly once a month to pay due attention to their testicles and carefully palpate. If you encounter anything unusual (lump, mass, change in shape or size), it should, you should visit your GP or a specialist right-urologist.
Background treatments for testicular cancer are the same as for other malignant tumors: usually begins with surgery (removal of the affected testicle), which may be followed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Coping with the diagnosis of testicular cancer is difficult, even if the chances of successful recovery are very high. First, each cancer causes great uncertainty and fear, and secondly, relates to testicular cancer intimate body, so it is difficult for many men to talk about their illness without restraint not only a doctor but also their family and friends. Also, it is important for testicular cancer, the most publicly speak to this issue has become so common and natural as it is now the topic of breast cancer and its prevention. In odtabuizování topic testicular cancer and help a lot of examples of famous men with testicular cancer in their lives successfully met.

As with testicular cancer fighting famous

Lance Armstrong - even when the famous cyclist for doping was not accorded the revered sports heroes, many agree that if a man struggling with a diagnosis of testicular cancer is an example of his still very high. When Armstrong was 25 years old, the doctors discovered testicular cancer in an advanced stage, including metastases and gave him less than a fifty-fifty chance of survival. The more it is an inspiring story of a man over his illness after consuming treatment eventually won and then for many years continued his sports career.
Petr Koukal - badmintonista successful for many Czech men battling testicular cancer similar pattern as Lance Armstrong, unlike cyclists but much closer and also clearly positive figure. Successful Czech sportsman revealed his tumor by accident and initially had no idea of ​​how serious the matter is. Today already successfully cured Petr Koukal still trying to raise the risk of testicular cancer and encourage young men to assume that in the case of suspected hesitate to contact your doctor.

Author: MD. Helena Janíčková, expert uLékař
Source: The lékař

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