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Due to the Spring snow birds hungry, need supplementary feeding

Although the calendar spring begins, snow avalanches cease. But it complicates life migratory birds. They arrive from warm countries to the rich feast central bow, but instead waits landscape covered in snow. The birds are so hard to get to the food and it is good right now intensely supplementary feeding.

Spring snow seems to last for several days. Food sources are depleted over the winter, and what was left, covered snow. The spring snowfall may pay life not only larks, starlings, lapwings or wagtail, who came to the Czech Republic have returned, but chickadees, finches, bells, and other species which have survived the winter. High snow cover is an obstacle for raptors and owls, who are hard to reach the prey.

"The end of winter is critical for a number of birds, especially if the weather suddenly gets worse," says Zdeněk Vermouzek, director of the Czech Society for Ornithology. According to him, the need for supplementary feeding birds intensively and to help them to finally see the real spring.

Birds is a good offer proven especially sunflower seeds, tallow balls and commercially available grain for the birds. Some returnees such as starlings and thrushes, apparently appreciate potatoes boiled in unsalted water, sliced ​​apples and oatmeal briefly soaked in fat. These delicacies is better to give the birds on the ground, preferably in a sheltered place, where there is less snow.

"Additional feeding has one great advantage. Birds can easily observe and enjoy their beautiful plumage, "adds Vermouzek.


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