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Italian mafia under investigation has found favor in green energy

Current developments show that the Italian mafia infiltrated in such sectors, which even Al Capone did not come to mind. In short: Italian justice these days reveals a link between the Mafia and Cosa Nostra companies operating wind and solar power.

It is estimated that Cosa Nostra own up to 30 percent of wind farms in Sicily. Mafia Justice also froze more than $ 2 billion. Several mafia bosses were together with corrupt officials arrested.

As already shown in the past, but this revelation does not mean the end of mafia structures. It is more likely that similar cases will be repeated again. Indeed, already in 2010, the police secured more than forty companies, hundreds of parcels, buildings and factories, seized bank accounts and seized cars and yachts Sicilian businessman Vito Nicastriho. For its investments in wind energy and photovoltaics was more known as the "Lord of the Wind". Still farther mafia continues to invest in green energy.

What it leads to? They took responsibility for the environment to heart and mafia bosses? Far more than the ideas of green foliage attracts mafia American banknotes.

Anyway, Sicily, the traditional seat of the Italian Mafia, is absolutely ideal conditions for energy from wind and sun. It is a very windy and sunny at the same time. Italy is also added to the countries such as Germany and Spain and provides generous subsidies for the development of green energy. And besides mafia apparently felt that green energy and long waits interesting future. Mafia for the same reasons invests in other sectors. Fingers have both in food chains, and in other "clean" industries.

Currently, the Italian Police in Sicily viewfinder, but projects in renewable energy sources thrive on Sardinia and Puglia, even for them, the police focus on.

Kroll consulting company that focuses on mitigating business risks, noted that since 2007 there has been a significant increase in cases of corruption and fraud in the wind energy sector. Primarily, this occurred in countries such as Italy and Spain, but also concerns countries such as Bulgaria, Romania and other parts of Central and Eastern Europe.

According to Article Has the Mafia infiltrated the renewable energy industry? published on the server 25th February 2013.


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