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ABC Rococo Theatre and bring the magic of Shakespeare and Čapek

ABC Rococo Theatre and bring the magic of Shakespeare and Čapek On Tuesday 5 March meeting with the cast and creators March Premier MDP. The production Fortune Teller, murder and soothsayers spoke Goldflam director, dramaturg and actors Vera Mašková Hana Doulová, Jan Vlasak and Vasil Frederick. The Dream magic night, Shakespeare known as the Midsummer Night's Dream, spoke director Peter Svojtka, dramaturg Janků George, author of the new translation Josek and actors George Hanus Bor, Radim Kalvoda and Robert Hajek.

Both productions will be Czech premieres and both will be magical.

When asked why the translator George Josek decided to change the name of experienced Midsummer Night's Dream, he replied: "The plot of the game according to specific time data several times mentioned in the text set in the night of 30 On April 1st May. Pointed to the contradiction already an English scholar Samuel Johnson or later, Goethe and others. Significant Czech shakespearolog O. Vočadlo therefore proposed to call the game "Májový dream." I turned away from the traditions variants because the data does not match the time in the game. St. John also fit in pagan Athens, which is the scene of the story, and finally the "Night Witches", a night of 30 April, is an example of a traditional feast, which also includes much nowadays. "

According to playwright George Janků City Theatres of Prague decided this famous Shakespeare comedy included in the repertoire for several reasons: "This season is the season Czech premieres, including this one, because Mr. Joska translation is not yet listed, the second reason is that in the Rococo also tested fortune teller game magic, murder and clairvoyants, the third reason is that we in our programming we hope to once every two or three seasons one of Shakespeare noted because they belong to the dramaturgical line of world classics. "

And what will be different from previous productions processing? "We tried to go nepohádkovým way, but we have no ambition to make a game that will be original at all costs, that at the Midsummer Night's Dream I can not even. But we are trying to stage a play as we read it, and how it is understood. We are interested in the game of love theme mirroring - relationships in various forms. In addition, this game is perfect for team-actors' performance. But quite initial impetus for us was perhaps the fact that the story is set in Greece, which is currently riven by economic crisis, "says director Peter Svojtka.

It is interesting that in every production of Midsummer Night's Dream is otherwise interpreted the character Puck. Here in the ABC Theatre externalizing Hanus Bor, "Puck mover is going on, but in our approach is not moving much, which suits me immensely," he says.
Whether viewers take the traditional name change, remains to be seen, but he added Hanus Bor, a poetic Shakespeare with everything certainly will not.

Dream magic premiere night held on 23 March at the ABC Theatre.

Even if production fortune teller, murder, psychics, viewers will also see a magical atmosphere, but also mystery, suspense, mystery and humor. "Resound with contemporary tunes and also composed the song. I wanted it to have the color and atmosphere of the time that man ever loves so much that it was an interesting story, but from the time that we now feel a little distant, "says director Goldflam, which inspired the own adaptation of Karel Capek's Tales from the one and other pocket and tried a few of them together in a coherent story.

"Only when we started to cooperate with Mr. Goldflam, we conceived the idea for this author found an interesting way to get him on the Czech stage," says Karel Capek choosing programmer Vera raising. The production will thus be put to great performance inspired by Czech classics, which include among others Želary Flowers Legátová or Saturnin Zdenek Jirotka.

Actors agreed that the atmosphere during testing is creative and relaxed. "Cooperation with Arnost so valuable, because if you see it, as directed, how it works with the actor, how it all leads, so I have to pass him a low bow, because It is something truly masterful. Ernest can also there when things go wrong, get the joke and humor, "said the actor Jan Vlasak, Representative Dr. Mark.

The premiere will take place this quirky adaptation of the 16th March Rococo Theatre and all indications are that the viewers have to look forward to.

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