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Filming continues Fair Play

Filming continues Fair Play A new film by director Andrey Fair Play Sedlackova is these days in full swing. The crew was shooting in Film studio Barrandov No. 4. The story of a young atletce that the normalization Czechoslovakia gets into state-controlled doping program is due to doping scandals in professional sports to date.

Producers of negatives, in whose workshop arose as movies Alois Nebel, Protector or Happiness, has captured the scenario in addition to a dramatic story theme of the fight for human dignity, the communist regime so thoroughly trodden under foot. The film is a Czech-Slovak-German co-production, co-producers are also Czech TV Barrandov Studio. The project is supported by the State Fund for the Support and Development of Czech Cinematography, Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the German Fund for MDM. Premiere of the film should have at the beginning of 2014.

"We believe that the film Fair Play could become one of the films that will help us cope with the recent past. Like it succeeded in the German film The Lives of Others or Romanian 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days. The film, which we are currently missing so much, "says
producer Catherine Black and Paul Strand.

The main heroine of the film, a young talented sprinter Anna, which portrays Slovak actress Judit Bardos, which debuted in the award-winning film, Dom, is prepared at the center of professional sport in the Olympic Games, despite its bad stuff profile is included in the specialized medical care. Her mother Irene (Anna Geislerova), former tennis national team, begins to suspect that the new means of support she receives her daughter, are in fact prohibited doping and goes up against the totalitarian system, which does not play by the rules of fair play.

Fair Play
is a film not only about the state organized doping, but also the preservation of human dignity in a totalitarian state, and the price he had to pay everyone who built this system. The main character in the film Anna is eighteen years old, about the same age was also a director Andrea Sedláčková in 1983. Into the script so could put many of their experiences and experiences and film for it in this direction very personal. The director emigrated shortly before the Velvet Revolution in Paris and 17 November was coincidentally the date when received political asylum in France.

"I always wanted to write and make a film about fighting for 'small human freedom' in the communist dictatorship," says director Andrea Sedláčková. "Several years ago, first appeared in public secret documents of the Ministry of Interior of the Czechoslovak state organized doping athletes using anabolic steroids. Program launched in 1983 was attended by many Olympians. It was a huge topic, "adds Sedláčková, which was inspired by contemporary materials and tried to break into the world of athletics Czechoslovak early eighties.
Along with the producers of the film was devoted to preparations for several years. Archives uncovered then horrible practices and methods, when the state intentionally destroyed the health of top sportsmen. Those who refused this "special care" to participate, forever abandoned the possibility of representing their country and actually condemned to end his sports career. "When I was writing the script, the topic has consulted with many experts. The scenario is remotely inspired by real events, "says the director.

Representative athletes, Judit Bardos starring Anna and Eva Josefíková in the role of Martina had to pass before shooting demanding athletic training under the guidance of professional coaches for their sports performance affected the canvas naturally. Other roles portray Roman Luknár, Andrew Smith, Roman Zach, Andrew Small, Taťjána Medvecká or Igor explained.

The challenge for the film crew is a perfect reconstruction of the historical environment of the eighties socialist Czechoslovakia, built by the cameraman Jan Baset Střítežský, architect Peter Fort and costume designer Simona. Cut of the film is in charge Jakub Hejna, which continuously processes material shot in different periods. Film crew already has a summer shoot in Bratislava and the High Tatras, at present, the main part of the movie filmed in Prague in April, the filmmakers moved back to Slovakia and finally into Germany.

Andrea Sedláčková studied screenwriting at FAMU and directing and editing at FEMIS in Paris. As a screenwriter and director debuted in 2000 film Victims and Murderers and made ​​several successful documentaries spectators and television films for Czech Television. In France, working successfully as an editor of feature films, including drama Merry Christmas (Joyeux Noël, the Czech Republic under the title Merry), nominated for an Oscar for best foreign film.

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