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Tornado Lue new album already in the Czech Republic

Tornado Lue new album already in the Czech Republic Tornado Lue is a Slovak legend independent music scene, which is now back with a new recording. Tornado Lue has always been with us at the club level very popular as the "Slovak band that sings in Czech '.

But Czech is in the whole story is interesting. Winning music, simple and raw songs with Cardas or flue dust to swing and everything reigns magic singer Jana Tóthová bewitching. Tornado Lue eponymous debut (1993), followed by two more albums and several times interrupted activity band. She has now returned after a six-year break on the scene and this time bratislavští Tornado Lue held rule that more is less and is presented in a minimalist design - just vocals, piano and guitar - and it seems that this setup works. A live album containing the band's best songs in new arrangements starting unconventionally. Three brand new studio tracks that open the album are the first excursion to the new sound of the band.

Tornado Lue played at the end of October 2012 for three consecutive concerts in Bratislava club Nu Spirit Club. Majority of the repertoire at these concerts, or the contents of a live album the band consisted of arrangements of older songs to a new tool included, which allows for more tone lyrics and unique singer Jane Tóthová. Band released their new album conceived as a recapitulation of his work, "the best of" in a new form.

It may seem, therefore, that the three new studio album will be against the rest of the material "stuck", but Tornado Lue has set a new sound, and it also keeps the studio tracks. Keyboardist Juraj Hladný adds: "Even on studio recordings we left too carried away by the endless possibilities of modern computer technology. We stayed at the austere sound of the three instruments, including singing. '

The group prepared for visitors live recordings also a small photo artistic concept; gave before recording a promise to his fans that all who perpetuate the concert left, appears in the album booklet. For a band that's a little "tribute" to his audience.

Upcoming Concerts in the Czech Republic
4.19 Dobříš, House of Culture
5.18 Prague Palac Akropolis
- a special concert for the new album


Tornado Lue is Bratislava formation, which in the last decade is one of the best rated Slovak band. In 1993 he released his debut Tornado Lue, followed by a very successful album Wolves (1995). Then the band of time and personal reasons paused and began to tour again in 2001. After a series of concerts followed by rotation album Celestial riders (2004). In the fall of 2012, the band decided to record a live album at a series of three concerts in Bratislava Nu Spirit Club.

This latter album features instrumental simplicity, we hear there just singing, piano and guitar. It is also a transversal album - the older songs alternate cover versions, songs with lyrics by Bohumil Hrabal, to a complete news, three recordings with lyrics singer Jana Tothová. "New" piano Tornadoes Lue's ex-drummer Juraj peckish, the guitar plays original bassist Paul Murin and John Tóthová besides singing and occasionally plays the second guitar.

Music Tornadoes Lue also appeared sporadically in various movies. The first was the STV documentary about a group of drug addicts in Bratislava with the song "The Curse", "The Way Home" was featured in "Tales of Ordinary Madness" by Petr Zelenka and best known is the title song from the movie "Wild Bees" director Bohdan Slama "How it really was."

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