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Unemployment is rising. Threatened you?

Unemployment is rising. Threatened you? The media constantly warn us that the unemployment rate continues to rise, and it will not change in the next year. While in December 2011, unemployment reached 8.6% in December last year, this figure has climbed to 9.4%. But is the situation really that bad? And it is possible to protect against unemployment?

Unemployment in the Czech Republic

The first step is to realize that the statistics must be taken with a pinch and need to think about them. Many people do not realize is that often indicated the unemployment rate for the last month of the year is usually coupled with the highest January. In the other, especially during the summer months, the unemployment rate is greatly reduced due to seasonal work. On the other hand, does not downplay the situation. That unemployment is rising, a fact that can not be refuted, although the rise is not as big as often advertised media.

Perhaps the greatest impact on unemployment has location. While working in Prague is enough, and unemployment here traditionally is below the 5% threshold, in region this figure climbed to 14% in the Region then to 12.3%. Other regions are then according to data from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic is around 7-11% and Moravia is doing generally worse than most counties in the country.

How to prevent unemployment?

Most people do not realize that it is still inflected "crisis" that takes the work of many people, can often be combated effectively. Most of the problems, the labor market does not lie in itself, but the mentality of Czech citizens.

The main problem that is coming to the attention only in recent years, is the reluctance of people to be mobile. In many places, the work for the unemployed directly to offer you, but rather remain in the cities and regions where they can not find work. They do not want to leave friends, house, his stereotype. The question is whether this obstinacy comes a lot more. The habit of move for a job when he is nothing special. In England, the USA and other Western countries, people migrate in search of work on average 4 times in a lifetime.

In another problem, it is necessary to mention the so-called problem-employable group. In particular, people with higher age or vice versa fresh graduates. While the first may be appointed rather hoping to apply his years of experience and can only help his courage and active efforts to find a job, graduates are often labor offices, so to speak unnecessarily. The cause is still mainly in the minds of steady idea that when graduate, the world is waiting for them with open arms and there is no need to not try. Today's times call but asks not only titles, but also experience in the study of many graduates fails. When entering the work these young people have a lot of requirements and exaggerated ideas and refuse to work "below your level." We often do not realize they have no experience themselves as employers offer.

A separate chapter is the job search. In doing so, because many people who have long complained about the lack of work is not exhaustive and is subject to a mistaken impression "enough, if I do what others". A good starting point for finding a job as a job portal where you can not only jobs, but also a lot of other useful information. It is not appropriate, but remain at work portal. It becomes almost a necessity continue actively chatting up potential employers. A very important assumption is also properly drafted resume that despite endless advice and guidance, it still sends many people into the hands of personnel in an unusable state.

Defense against unemployment is so easy to one side, just a little effort, not to exaggerated claims and not be afraid to move for work and something had to sacrifice. On the other hand, it is not advisable to take this threat lightly. It should raise its price independent education or further dissemination of skills, think of your future and work to appreciate.

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