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Red Wine without alcohol is even better for the heart than the classic

It has long been known that regular drinking small amounts of red wine is good for the heart. But there are people who do not drink alcohol, whether for health, religious, or other reasons. Even for them, scientists have good news - recent research has shown that even non-alcoholic red wine in small doses is good for the heart. Even more than the classic!

Great polyphenols

For many people it is just a proven beneficial effect of red wine excuse to drink. But he's not alcohol, what is the heart beneficial. Protective function and a positive effect on reducing high blood pressure have polyphenols - chemicals naturally occurring in red wine. And in the same amount as in the normal and in the non-alcoholic version. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants, ie. substances protecting the cells of the human body from the negative effects. Conversely alcohol contained in the wine rather partially reduces the influence of drink to lower blood pressure.

Drink non-alcoholic

This claim scientists, after made a study lasting four weeks:
Selected men were divided into three groups: one saw about 3 dl classic red wine a day, the second group of respondents enjoyed the same amount of alcohol-free red wine and in the third group drank wow about 1 dl of gin a day.
In the group of men who regularly drank gin, there was no change in blood pressure.
Respondents classic red wine drinkers appeared slight drop in blood pressure.
Fared best men who drank non-alcoholic red wine - among them the risk of heart attack decreased by 14%, and the risk of stroke by as much as 20%.

So it's good news for those who prefer nealkoholickému drinking, and a certain challenge for all who inaccurately perceive alcoholic beverages as healthy.

Source: The lékař

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