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The first calf at Prague Zoo is a female

The first calf at Prague Zoo is a female First elephant calf born at more than eighty-year history of Prague Zoo in the world! First touched the ground on the 11th February at 13.20 and then began to build on his feet.

Suggest an impending birth decline in progesterone levels in the body of the mother Donna in recent days, it also enabled farmers arrive from Rotterdam, where Donna the spring came, and witness the birth of her fourth in the elephant.

Elephant inhabits along with Donna, older sister Tonya elephants and other new object in the northern part of the garden, whose opening is scheduled for 30 March. Then the elephant should also be presented to the public for the first time.

Breeders Prague Zoo the day after the birth of a baby elephant were sure that she was born female. Already on the day of the birth of her first evening watching the intake of milk.

"The baby is extremely strong and viable. Just makes us happy. With confidence we can announce that the first Prague is a female elephant, "said zoo director Miroslav Bobek Prague.

Elephant female will spend about a week with his mother Donna and sister Tonya. Later awaits her acquaintance with Gulab and Shanti and the beginning of March to the Valley of the elephants move from the old slonince with Tamara and Janita.

Indian elephants behave Prague Zoo since 1933, when the 17th July came Sinhalese male Baby. Newborn female is the first to be born in the Prague zoo. Mother baby Douanita, the stated Donna, was born in 1986 in the countryside of Vietnam, came to Prague with his other daughter Tonya 9th May 2012. Donna gravid still in their original home in Rotterdam. Father is a male baby Timber.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

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