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Hunting ducks Americans attracted too. For ducks but it's bad news

Numbers of ducks in U.S. grow faster recently than in the past decades. For a drop in the number of hunters who annually buys a "duck stamp" and sets out on the hunt waterfowl. At first glance, it might seem that it is for the ducks win.

In fact, it means that there is less money for conservation: from the proceeds of the sale of permits to hunt ducks is entitled to the protection of natural habitats. The fewer hunters buy a permit, the less money to protect wetlands.

Conditions for hunting ducks are, according to scientists unrivaled. "Since 1995, waterfowl populations exceeded the threshold of 40 million individuals now six times," says Mark Vrtiška of Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. "This should be a glorious day for duck hunters."

But the last years are also marked by low interest in hunting ducks. While in the seventies of the last century has sold over two million "duck stamps" that entitle the hunter to hunt ducks, between 2004 and 2008, the number of stamps sold a million three hundred thousand. A slump in the sale of stamps continues to this day.

"It would seem that it would be good news for ducks, but in fact it means less money to protect their habitat,"
explains Vrtiška impacts. "Federal resources for conservation are dependent on income from the sale of hunting permits. Up to 98% of the money received from the sale of duck stamps is intended for the purchase or lease of land where ducks live. "

In the past number of hunters followed the numbers of ducks. When the little ducks, and fewer hunters, and vice versa, although the numbers of ducks rose, jumped and hunters. Since the nineties of the last century, but these two connected vessels parted. Scientists are now focused on finding what will be the consequences for the protection of ducks.

"Between 1995 and 2008 decreased selling stamps on six hundred thousand pieces. This means an annual loss of revenue worth nine million dollars. The total loss is then $ 126 million, "says Vrtiška." For this money you could buy and manage 42 hectares of wetlands. "

Scientists also predict that the number of hunters will continue to decline. Future annual losses in their judgment could be as much as $ 14 million.

Hunting license to hunt ducks takes the form of postage stamps with the theme of hunting ducks. Every year organizes an art competition , from which committee will select the best proposal, which is then used in duck stamps.


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