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Kralicek dream come true: Soon it will be a complete ban on animal testing for cosmetics

Pamela Anderson can deeply relax. And with it all consumers who like to use cosmetics, but makes them goose bumps at the thought of the cruel animal testing for cosmetics. European Commission withstand the temptation to postpone force a total ban on animal testing for cosmetics. Since March 2013, the European market may not get any new cosmetics tested on animals.

Canadian voluptuous Pamela Anderson is a sex symbol and not only proficient Coast Guard, but also an active patron of animals that animal testing is much against the grain. In September 2011, she wrote a personal letter to the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy John Dalli. It requested the European Commission to resist efforts to force postponement or complete ban on publication of exceptions to the prohibition.

"I love cosmetics. But I see no reason to because of lip gloss or eye lines suffering animals, "confessed conscious Pamela Anderson, on whose sensual lips shiny lip gloss and whose evil eye is subtly underlined with a thin eyeliner.

Apparently, the European Commission approved a Pamela Anderson. And a whole range of non-profit organizations and hundreds of thousands of Europeans who relentlessly bombed policy letters, e-mails and phone calls. A total ban on testing will pay, no exceptions and obezliček.

In practice this will mean that cosmetics manufacturers who want to sell their products on the European market, not its products or ingredients tested on animals. This applies to all, even for foreign companies.

It is a pretty groundbreaking thing. Nowhere else in the world similar ban exists, some countries such as China, animal testing actually require. Europe is a pioneer in this respect.

Change, however, did not come from day to day. Animal rights activists seeking to ban testing for more than two decades. The significance of events illustrates the validity of the March data came into the office of one of the leading conservation organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to report personally present European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy Tonio Borg. PETA, in turn, the European Commission sent a huge bouquet of flowers.

For us to ban animal testing for cosmetics mainly lobbying organization Freedom animals. Barbora Bartušková Veclov, campaign coordinator for the replacement of animal experiments in animal liberation, explains the background to the approved ban: "In March 2009, according to the seventh amendment of the Cosmetics Directive became effective ban on testing of cosmetic products and ingredients on animals and a ban on the import and sale of cosmetics and their ingredients that have been tested on animals outside the EU. The second part of the ban, however, still contains exceptions for three types of tests that can still run on animals. Now extend the ban and will apply without exception. "

Products that are currently on the market, will remain on sale. The ban applies only to new ingredients and products. Because of the aforementioned three tests (test repeated dose toxicity, reproductive toxicity test and test toxicokinetics) still in the moment not available approved alternative methods temporarily not possible to develop some new cosmetic ingredients that these tests require.

Barbora Bartušková Veclov in it but do not see the problem: "Currently available approximately 20,000 approved cosmetic ingredients that manufacturers can use, so that even without additional components can produce new products. In addition, alternative methods to these three tests already exist and only need to complete the approval process. After that it will be possible to produce any new folders without animal testing. "

Range of choice of cosmetics or price would be according Bartušková not change. "Already now there are many companies that do not use new ingredients tested on animals, and yet they are able to produce quality products at affordable prices," says Bartušková.

All experimental animals used in cosmetic industry would like to thank the European Commission, European consumers, protectors of animals and Pamela Anderson. Pac and mouth.

Author: Martin Mach Ondřej

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