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Infertility in numbers: problems with men as well as women

If the regular unprotected intercourse for one year no pregnancy occurs condition called infertility. This problem is increasingly troubled couples, the media coverage is still rather weak. And what about the actual statistics of infertility in the Czech Republic?

The facts speak clearly

It is reported that in the seventies women bore an average age of just over twenty years, now it's been about thirty.
However, the probability of conception in a cycle in a healthy couple about 25% after six months, it is roughly about 60% and after effort is about 85%. This is true for young, healthy couples, with increasing age partners reduces the chances of getting pregnant.
The number of infertile couples in the Czech Republic is estimated at 15%, doctors are able to help 90% of them.
Reason for infertility is of 35% on the women, 35% of the other male, 25% of couples is causing problems the combination of both partners, and the remaining 5% of the reason for coming.

Hope in the form of artificial insemination

One year of unsuccessful efforts of the child is the time after which the partners should seek professional help. If a couple can not help its available resources gynecologist, is still able to visit some of the specialized centers for assisted reproduction. Those in this country are currently operating in the 30th

With IVF, the so-called "test-tube" (in vitro fertilization) are born each year, 3,000 of 100,000 newborns.
Infertile couples undergo yearly about 26,000 attempts at artificial insemination, pregnancy success measured (not the number of births) is 40%.
Chances of getting pregnant in one try is 35%.
The insurance company pays three cycles. In the event that the previous experiments were carried only one embryo borne four experiments (by transferring more embryos recedes due to potential risks of multiple pregnancies). Another "attempt" to have partners to finance themselves.

Possibility is the adoption

In the event that they fail all medical procedures, the last chance for the child, though not private, adoption. Of the thousands in institutions, it is possible to adopt only a few hundred children (number of adoptions in the Czech Republic every year around 600) and of applicants is much more than osvojitelných children.

Natural needs and fulfilling relationship most people have a baby. Unfortunately, the number of infertile couples in the Czech Republic is growing every year. The cause is equally on the part of both men and women. Fortunately, by the methods of modern medicine is doing nature "outsmart" even if it costs more time, effort and also money.

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