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Myths and superstitions about boilers and other heat sources

Selecting the most appropriate source of heat for the apartment or house is an important decision with long-term impact on the living comfort and lifestyle. The important thing is not only the costs of energy and fuel, but also easy to operate and maintenance free operation.

In collaboration with experts, we have prepared an overview of the basic myths and superstitions that the election of heat spread.

Heating with solid fuel is best

Heating the house with solid fuel boilers are among the cheapest. This is true especially in the case of heating fuel wood, which is still relatively cheap. However, if you take into account the comfort and impact on the environment, solid fuel boiler is not so convenient. Not everyone wants is regularly refuel and dispose of ash and smoke can bother and the need to store fuel. Most solid fuel boilers also meets stringent new emissions standards by 2022 and will need to be replaced.

Heat pumps are expensive and noisy

You can often hear the opinion that heat pumps are expensive and annoying noise around you. Quality heat pump is still a bit more expensive than, say, a gas boiler. A long time ago, however, it is not extremely expensive devices with zero return. The advantage of heat pumps are very low operating costs and ease of operation. "Cost of heat pump users in the common family house back in about 5-9 years of operation. With rising energy prices may be a return even faster, "said Karel Vlach, CEO of ENBRA that the sale, installation and service of heat pumps deals. Noise of modern heat pumps from reputable manufacturers is not particularly annoying. Always of course depends on an appropriate mounting the device. Internal and external heat pump unit should be installed so that the noise is not transferred to the building structure of the house.

More energy efficient and more expensive boiler will generate savings

In an effort to save people often think about replacing your old boiler with a new one, most effective, most efficient and modern. Each upgrade home heating system towards greater efficiency is obviously appropriate. Still, true proposition that the cheapest energy is the one you did not use. Great attention should therefore be paid not only to the boiler and its parameters, but also the thermal insulation of a house or apartment, quality windows and other factors that have an impact on the overall energy performance of the building. Heating often is in many family homes unnecessarily oversized. Power and type of boiler should therefore realistically meet the requirements and energy balance of your house.

Heat pump podchlazuje garden and does not work in the winter

Heat pump cools too immediate vicinity of the house and the soil in the garden. This fictional information is often the main reason why people do not want the heat pump to heat your home purchase. Heat pumps of course, thanks to the principle of its activities around its cool, this is cool but not so large that it normal airflow and sunlight did not manage to compensate. Your garden or around the house is no risk of excessive cooling will not. High-quality heat pumps air to water, which draw heat from the air, they can easily work in the deep freeze. Even in winter, therefore, do not stay without heating.

Heat pumps are only suitable for underfloor heating

Heat pumps are really previously used mainly in heating systems with underfloor heating. The reason for the low output temperature of heating water, which for normal system with radiators enough. "Modern high-temperature heat pumps can now be easily connected to the heating system with radiators. This eliminates demanding modifications to the existing heating system. Heat pump, you simply replace the old boiler, "describes the simple installation of modern heat pumps Ivo Zabloudil, product manager ENBRA.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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