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Expose cholesterol stalk!

The increased amount of cholesterol in the blood clearly threatens our health. Increases the risk of developing certain cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, peripheral vascular disease or stroke.

If your doctor has recommended and the so-called low cholesterol diet, may help the following 4 recommendations.

First Fruit and vegetables without restrictions

The consumption of fruits and vegetables do not, except in very sweet kinds, though not restricted. Not only do they mostly contain low fat and calories, and therefore do not increase cholesterol, but are also rich in natural phytosterols and fytofenoly. And these substances have the ability to dangerous levels of blood cholesterol even lower.

Second Fats, eternal problem

In the selection of fats and oils should prefer the plant, ie those containing the heart and blood vessels beneficial unsaturated fatty acids. I prefer to avoid all saturated fatty acids, which are found mainly in animal fats, such as butter or bacon. Attention should be given to you as well in trans-unsaturated fatty acids that are lurking in the so-called partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Third Bread only with fiber

Limit your consumption of white bread and replace it with a dark, wholemeal. It contains higher amounts of fiber, a folder that is not absorbed through the intestine and on its way also helps the excretion of cholesterol from the body. Fiber also found in the above-mentioned fruits and vegetables.

4th White meat

When selecting meat give prefer chicken, rabbit or by fish instead of red meat, which contains more fat, and therefore dreaded cholesterol. In general, try to reduce your intake of fat in foods consumed by purchasing low-fat products.


If you hold the cholesterol-lowering diet, you should apply the same recommendations, which belongs to the rational meals:
Eat smaller portions several times a day.
Drink regularly.
Bet on the variety of meals.
Do not forget to get enough exercise.


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