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Do you know how many of you actually is the flu?

Influenza can come pretty expensive. In this article we will not focus on the economic impact of an influenza epidemic or pandemic on public health or national and world economy, but we will focus on how much flu airing your wallet or bank account.

Influenza home

Most acute phase of uncomplicated influenza , when you lie down on difficulties forcing bed and stay on it, it takes about seven to ten days. During this period of incapacity is required. At the time of the first three days of incapacity getting no pay, then its proportion. Sami, try to calculate how much it costs you ten days spent at home "on sick leave". Treatment itself is not too expensive - drugs against fever, cough, and pain is of the order of ten-to hundred crowns, herbal tea, fruit, vegetables and vitamins also come in thousands.

Influenza in hospital

Still it is in our state health insurance on the principle of solidarity. Price for treatment of complications from influenza, according to their severity and duration of treatment can climb to hundreds of thousands. Come into play in the order of thousands of drugs (antivirals, antibiotics, intravenous), support breathing in complicated pneumonia , stay in intensive care, etc. The very "safe" day in the hospital (food, clothes, energy) costs hundreds of crowns, according to some CZK 600 per day for basic services. The insured patient, however, pay only CZK 60 per day of stay in the hospital.

Prevention of influenza

Tools that help prevent infection, however, are ridiculously cheap. Regime measures cost nothing, the face veil is more than hundred crowns (the most effective for industrial accidents), vitamins also come in the order of hundred crowns. A vaccination? For the latest vaccine PREFLUCEL, which can vaccinate for allergy sufferers, will pay about 280 CZK, for traditional vaccine about half to a third less.

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