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Burbot with wipes in Šumava fish hatchery

Burbot (Lota lota) our only wipes the gadoid fish in a fish hatchery in the Pine Barrens. Šumava to rivers so the next generation gets jednovousého ling. The fall after natural selection consists of several thousand fish.

The Šumava ends jednovousého swab ling (Lota Lota). The only gadoid fish that occurs in our waters, in our country is seriously threatened. Fish Hatchery Management Šumava National Park in Pine Barrens, which is the highest in our hatcheries, rearing ling jednovousého is one of the few deals.

"One female ling general has up to 800,000 eggs, which we will use for breeding. We currently have 8,000,000 fertilized egg, which starts the incubation period. Into adulthood them live to several thousand, "says Josef Sperl, leading to the fish hatchery Pine Barrens. Šumava to rivers will thus get the next generation ling jednovousého. Population in Šumava rivers comprises several thousand fish.

Manager caught fish hatchery eggs in dense networks, and then inserted into special bottles that carry water from the creek. "In the middle of March, the fry hatch, which planted in Šumava waters and streams. This is to their number in the Šumava constantly increased. Ever since ling planted in Sumava, his number at least doubled, "says Josef Sperl. Šumava to rivers and streams in the spring gets a few thousand of these fish." Šumava only fish hatchery annually produces 180,000 pieces of fish fry. Most of these sea ​​trout, which should be planted at 50 locations around the turn of April and May, "says Paul Pechoušek, spokesman for NP and PLA.

Burbot searches sections with good oxygenation and clean water. "What changers have colder water, it is better for them. This is active, "says Sperl." Ling helps other species of fish in the rivers. Because it behaves like a fox in the woods, "said Sperl.

The Šumava National Park are four fishing grounds - Řasnice, Hot and Cold Vltava and Křemelná, which is about 35 km of rivers, where they can hunt. According zarybňovacího plan, the Ministry of Environment, administrators must park in these rivers drain the brown trout, grayling, ling jednovousého and minnow, which are fish that belong to the Šumava rivers.

The rivers in the National Park Šumava has special fishing rules. Fishermen catch here using the "catch and release" and barbless hooks. "Fishermen can take only fish in waters in the park are not, like rainbow trout, or predatory fish, such as the pike, asp or bass," says Paul Pechoušek. Trout and grayling fishers have to go back into the river.

Personnel Administration National Park Šumava planted native species into "their" rivers and streams for more than 15 years. Since then in some places, the number of fish up to five times.

Source: tz NP Šumava
Author: Paul Pechoušek

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