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Consumer advice or stories to laugh and cry

Consumer advice magazine dtest resolved in 2012 nearly 17,000 cases. Legal advisers are usually solve serious violations of consumer rights. There are times, however, when meeting with vendors or service providers, customers first tormented properly, but after some time over it already can have fun.

It is also the case of a client who was trying to resolve her complaint hotline to one of the mobile operators. After difficult discussions exhausted operator told him that it switched somewhere reliably solved his problem. Client will be very surprised when you pick up the phone on the other side there was a "Mental Hospital, Prague - Bohnice".

Claim shoes are perhaps the most frequent. Sellers, however, trying various tricks. One of them, for example, recognized the claim of one of the shoe back to the customer only half of the purchase price of the pair. The reason? Damaged boot is after all only one, another customer may routinely use. Employee of the same trade customer also explained that a "water resistant" on the shoes does not mean that shoe nenateče water from wet grass, and that in any case, not wear these shoes in the rain.

Claim flour is rather a rarity. If the larvae find it, however, it usually just let. Customers who did not hesitate and ran the next day with harmful product to the store is there but met with prying questions of staff on the theme - how about her kitchen looks like and whether it similar larvae normally live.

Attention you from now on will also give the client when buying bargain packs "3 + 1 free." Indeed, when purchased this way saving light bulbs and then went to one of them complain, shop assistant with her ​​deadpan announced that it is just a light bulb that was free as a gift, and therefore can not claim.

Counseling dtest magazine is available to consumers on telephone line 299 149 009 or in electronic form on / e-counseling . Its leader Luke Green says: "Consumers appreciate the advice that will receive, many turn to us repeatedly. Dtest consultants are ready to assist consumers in the next year with their problems, whether humorous or common. It is also possible to watch dtest on Facebook, where they are mapped the latest information from the world of consumers. "

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