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Some animals come together to hunt together. The shells of crabs steal

Animals tend to socialize and meet the members of the more numerous groups of its kind. And for various reasons. For example, searching for members of the opposite sex for reproduction, or common hunt much larger prey, or for mutual protection.

According to biologists at the University of California, Berkley hermits crabs Coenobita compressus kind loving nations of either of these customary benefits. Encounter from purely selfish, personal reasons: they steal each other shells.

Hermit crabs are used as hiding small conch shells and snails. Coenobita compressus are the only members of the crab family able to edit the properties of calcium according to his wishes. Gradual vyleptáváním remove barriers and increase the excess internal volume for storage and several hundred eggs. Most of the eight hundred species of hermit crabs, live at the bottom of the ocean sea, where there is a shell snails after an emergency. On the ground, or on the beaches, but it is like living an extremely scarce commodity - there are just shells washed up by the waves.

The problem occurs when the desetinožci already extended his dwelling too tight and needs to necessarily move to a larger one. Chance that the land or on the bottom of the sand found an abandoned shell of appropriate dimensions, is minimal. And this is the right time for a kind of crab shells Stock Exchange. According to Mark Laidrea from the Department of Biology at the California Berkley just crabs gather in quiet places of a few dozen here and trying to get better model shell.

"Just when they meet three crabs. Soon there are plenty of on-site and all ardent for a new shell, "describes
the unusual behavior pattern Laidre. This is not a fair trade or exchange. The stronger just kick your opponent and seize his shell. "This unusual behavior has evolved as a result of living in a very specialized ecological nice, on the border between land and sea," Laidre describes the incident: "The weakest left just a small shell, which it not hide from enemies. The crab is just only their own communities, which controls the degree of predation. "

The article was published on the 26th 10th 2012 server called "Hermit Crabs Socialize it Evict Their Neighbors".

Author: Radomir Dohnal

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