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Safe household? Get rid of her moisture and mold!

It is almost totally unrealistic ending with mold in your house, but can be up to eliminate. Mold can grow only in moist environments, so the most out of his home wet. We offer some practical advice on how to do it.

Surroundings and the inside of the house

Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner to reduce the humidity.
Keep the humidity in the house below 60%. The value can be measured using a hygrometer, which is a commercially available device moving at different price levels.
Keep the air and all of its components, including tubing, which may be clogged.
In cold weather necessary heating the whole house. With decreasing temperature the air is able to hold as much moisture. There is condensation on cold surfaces and establishment of moisture. To prevent this, you can also add insulation to cold surfaces, such as walls, floors or windows.
Remove any water leak into your home from the outside. Since construction should always gently sloping ground to ensure drainage.
Let supplier check the functionality of heating and air conditioning in order to properly and evenly remove moisture.
Open the doors between rooms to improve air circulation.
However, if you are cooking or taking a shower, leave the door to the room closed, so that the steam is diverted to other areas of the house. Used properly ventilate the room.

Important Kitchen

Use a hood that carries air to the outside (not into the attic or other space in the house) every time you cook, washing dishes or cleaning up.
Turn off certain appliances if you notice moisture on a window or other surface.
Check around potential sources of water such as a sink, ice maker and refrigerator, if not somewhere undesirable cracks and holes.

In the laundry room and ventilate the oven

Do not put wet clothes on heating.
Odvětrávejte or drying room where the dryer is located washed things.
If you are in this part of the house fan, at least once a year to read it to properly perform its function.
Try not to wet clothes immediately wash and dry to wet lay not in the trash somewhere.

Risk bathroom

Use exhaust fans which transports moisture.
Better are smaller rugs that can be washed or cleaned frequently.
Check around sinks and tubs, whether somewhere leaking.
If you take a shower, then open the window.
Do not leave wet towels on the floor or in the trash, leave it to dry properly.

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