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Zoo animals have fun in Prague!

Zoo animals have fun in Prague! January Saturday in Prague zoo will be fun for the animals. Anyone who produces Aisha lioness toy or other animals in a special workshop at the Education Centre, get a ticket to the next visit for 1 crown Prague Zoo or a book of your choice.

Workshops where visitors can make special toys for animals at the Prague zoo, opened on Saturday 5 First opened, and even nineteenth January. Education center at the main entrance will be a workshop to work 10 to 15 hours. Production of toys liven up a lecture on animal trainer what is enrichment and how to proceed in its manufacture. Anyone who creates a lioness toy for Aisha, Bozena favorite sow or other animals will be awarded. Tou will crown one ticket for the next weekend, when animals get toy or book production from Prague zoo of your choice.

Program on the 19th January 2013
10.00 - Practice with sea lions
10.30 - Enrichment: how and why (Education Centre, Lecture)
13.00 - Sea lions are having fun

The workshops will be prepared for the production of feed material from wicker balls and other toys. Visitors may bring strong cardboard tubes from carpet and cardboard carefully stripped iron clamps or adhesive tape. Animals welcome a well carved coconut shells. Toys The animals that produced them visitors, enjoy the 12th and 26 January. Individual stop liven up the interpretation of the trained worker zoo.

Animals are fun 12th and 26 January

10.00 - Giraffes and štětkouni (African House)
11.00 - Tayr (area of small American carnivores in the middle of the zoo)
12.00 - Pig Bozena (Children's Zoo)
13.00 - Carnivores (Pavilion felines and terrariums)

Enrichment means enrichment of animal life in human care in order to seize and was their natural activation. Elements enrichment in modern zoos integral part of farming.

Photo: Tomas Adamec, Prague Zoo
Source: tz

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